Order Lotion From Amazon and Get Expensive Earphones

  • AUTHOR: isbah
  • POSTED ON: June 17, 2020

Note: All prices were last updated on 17th June 2020. 

A lot of complaints on
the internet exist about receiving the wrong product from Amazon. However, the
story of a Pune-based man Gautam Rege is something you all must have dreamed


Rege ordered a Rs 300
lotion from Amazon and instead received earphones worth Rs 19,000. Being a good
customer, he complained to Amazon and the Indian support team of the company
told him to “keep it”.


Gautam Rege is the
co-founder and director of Josh Software in Pune. After this incident, he
tweeted, “Bose wireless earbuds (Rs 19k) delivered instead of skin lotion (Rs
300). @AmazonIN support asked to keep it as the order was non-returnable!”

Some other users also shared their wisdom and experiences.


Updated June 17, 2020
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