‘Ouija: Blood Ritual’ Review – An Unscary Horror Movie

  • POSTED ON: October 23, 2020

First things first –
Ouija: Blood Ritual is not another chapter in the economic successes of Ouija
films. The original movie was actually a commercial success, but it failed to
make an impact critically. In fact, several audience members had a poor time in
the cinema hall as they came out wishing they could get their money back.

But that was not it –
there was a follow-up film which was ten times superior to the original film.
The second one was a classic horror that left us shaking to the core. Anyway,
it’s not like there’s a cult following of the film, so what made the filmmakers
come up with yet another unrelated film that is undoubtedly the worst movie
ever, like it will beat Cats (2019) in the category.

Here’s the movie

footage of three filmmakers shooting a web series has been recovered. Intending
to debunk famous internet urban legends and rituals, they perform a blood
ritual that summons an ancient primordial entity in the process. As the
spirit’s unstoppable evil seeps into their daily lives, the trio is left with a
single choice: submit to its will – or die

In the first scene,
the filmmakers opted for the true but stale technique in which text is put on the screen which goes along the lines of “The
following video was recovered from *blank’s* cellphone. It has not been
altered. The footage you are about to see is directly from their phone

You’ll find this technique
in several movies like The Blair Witch Project. But you have to agree that this
tactic has become predictable and honestly dumb. You’ll most probably roll your
eyes at such scenes than get chills down your spine.

Director Dustin Mills
probably thought that this scene would take the horror up a notch but it
unfortunately fell flat.

But you know what, it’s
not exactly the screenplay that makes us cringe – it’s the acting and overall
story. Like, there are three filmmakers aiming to create a web series in which
they reveal popular urban legends on the internet. We’re sure that you’ve heard
of this story a thousand times. Okay fine, if done the right way, you might hit
it out of the park but it’s damn predictable.

The scenes were
stretched for far too long and, the by the end of the seventy-seventh minute,
you’d want to yawn and grab a cup of coffee to recover from the tedious story.

Obviously, the film was
low-budgeted, but the least the filmmaker could have done was work on the
script and make the scenes actually scary.

Anyway, if you’re
interested in wasting your time on an “unscary” horror movie, give it a watch. We
suggest otherwise. 

Updated October 23, 2020
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