Photo of Trump’s Shockingly Orange Face Launches a Thousand Memes

  • AUTHOR: fiona
  • POSTED ON: February 20, 2020

We’ve been taught from a young age not to speak ill about somebody’s appearance, but man is Donald trump getting more orange day by day. It’s genuinely concerning.

Not gonna lie, we’ve all had our fair share of unfortunate experiences with faux tanning. However, the last time a celebrity got tangoed like this, we had sent a prayer to Christina Aguilera’s armpits. Anyway, photographer William Moon took pictures of President Trump while he was taking a stroll at the south lawn of the White House. He had returned from a short visit to Charlotte, North Carolina, and he was glowing in orange. It was big pumpkin energy.

Now imagine, Trump’s few but shiny silver hair being blown back by the wind only to reveal a prominent orange line around the circumference of his face. Naturally, the internet was going to meme this fabulous shot. But one thing is for sure. Trump’s going to have a word with his beautician after this.

Anyway, enjoy the memes.

Updated February 20, 2020
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