Pixar’s new ‘Soul’ trailer explores the bright side of life

  • POSTED ON: 15/Oct/2020

Pixar has just dropped the new trailer of the film Soul, allowing us to have another glance at Joe Gardner’s (Jamie Foxx) upbeat life and his musical journey to get back to it!

Soul revolves around a jazz musician, Joe, whose mundane life takes a massive turn after an unfortunate event that pushes his soul to the great beyond. Though he isn’t ready to give up his mortal life, and gears up for a journey to get back to his body from the place where souls develop before they’re sent to Earth. He teams up with one soul to try and explain why life is worth living!

“You can’t crush a soul here, because that’s what life on Earth is for.”

This line gives us literal chills…

From the trailer, it looks like the movie has an interesting take on the whole problematic concept of life and death—and it’s already garnering positive reviews from the critics. Soul is the kind of movie we want to watch in 2020, that’s for sure!

Soul was originally intended for a theatrical release in June, but now it will release on Disney + on December 25th. Yes, that’s your Christmas treat right there!

check out the trailer here:

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