Police Uses #DollyPartonChallenge to Catch Criminals

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: February 1, 2020

All you can see on Instagram lately is the Dolly Parton Challenge that went viral in the entertainment news after she posted a collage of four pictures, ridiculing photographs everyone displays on various applications. 

Source: Know Your Meme

From Oprah Winfrey to the Jonas Brothers, all Insta users were affected by the craze, and soon, companies began to use it for promotion.
However, what we didn’t expect was the police departments employing the technique of popular viral meme to their advantage to catch a culprit!

Durham Police force first used it from their account, Durham Constabulary and posted pictures of a man named Paul Bishop who is the prime suspect in a burglary case. They used the same meme format of four different pictures. 

Source: Twitter

The incident happened in December, and the man is still not found but such an effective yet hilarious method did not go without attracting appreciation from the audiences.
One user commented: ‘Police doing memes now? What a time to be alive.’ The post has over 1800 reacts, 300 comments and 480 shares, all praising the local police for their creativity.

Following their footsteps, the Cleveland police also made a post about another wanted man by the name of Scott Mizsei which gained even more attention due to the Tinder Profile being a picture of him shirtless.

Source: Twitter

The authorities tweeted:

‘Have you seen wanted man Scott Mizsei, 32?

He is wanted in connection with some offences including aggravated burglary.

Do not approach him if you see him & call Cleveland Police on 101 with information regarding his whereabouts.’
They also thanked Durham Constabulary for the inspiration and not surprisingly, users who are always looking for meme content lauded the sense of humour of both departments.

One Facebook user said, “Whoever is in charge of social media at Cleveland Police needs a promotion.”
And honestly, we agree. It is extremely rare to see authorities making use of such methods in their work and the fact that they included the hashtag Dolly Parton Challenge might help them in spreading the news, at least.

After gaining popularity on Twitter and Facebook, the posters have been planted in parks, clubs and other public places to make sure that the culprits are caught as soon as possible.

Updated February 1, 2020
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