Ready To Boot Windows 95 PC Inside Minecraft And Play Doom On It

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: July 27, 2020

You can now play Doom on Windows 95! Yup, no kidding! 

A new VM computers mod is established for Minecraft that enables users to purchase computer parts using a satellite orbiting Minecraft world and assemble a PC that not only boots Windows 95 but a range of operating systems as well.

This new mod actually uses a VirtualBox, an open-source virtual machine software, in order to boot operating systems such as Windows 95. Inside Minecraft, you just have to place any ordered computer part into the right ISO Minecraft subfolder to build virtual hard drives that can actually work. You can even play a decent game, although you wouldn’t want to play a high difficulty level.

Apart from playing a game on a screen within a screen, there are some compromises for the Minecraft community. You wouldn’t get your desired frame rate and mods for Doom itself might be unrealistic. Considering that the new computer’s mods are still on the experimentation stage, someone actually managed to play a doom within Minecraft that has opened many possibilities.

A lot of development is still ongoing, given that the gamers have started building multiple computers that run various operating systems.

Seeing someone playing a Minecraft within a Minecraft can be a possibility too only if they own a mighty PC!

A user being able to run Doom within Minecraft shows just how flexible and powerful computers have emerged. We have come far from the era when a first-person shooter needed a full of resources of a computer in 1993 but now only requires a few resources. 

Updated July 27, 2020
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