Revealed: Travis Scott Didn’t Delete the Insta Account Due To Costume Backlash

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  • POSTED ON: November 2, 2020

The wrath of social
media can make anyone go into hiding, even Travis Scott.

Halloween was
interesting this year: Kim turned her house into a spider web, Kylie Jenner
joined the Power Rangers, and Travis Scott became a cockroach – no, Batman!

Travis just can’t take
a joke, man.

Everybody dresses up on
Halloween – while some earn praises, others become memes. Maybe if Travis had
taken some fashion advice from Kylie, he wouldn’t be the butt of all the
Halloween jokes this year.

This Halloween, Travis
shared photos of himself dressed in a Batman costume. However, on 1st
November, he deleted his Instagram account without any explanation whatsoever.
His Twitter account is still active, though. 

Source: Buzzfeed

He released his last
single ‘Franchise’ in September, which debuted at no. 1 on Billboard 100.

Coming back to
Halloween, this year was different because of the pandemic. People kept their
celebrations lowkey but didn’t shy away from relishing in spooky content. So
many celebrities on social media were seen wearing impressive costumes. While
many turned up the heat, one of them was a unique disappointment.

When Travis Scott
dressed up as DC hero Batman, he was elated to share his photos on social
media. But it seems like many people didn’t share his feelings, and soon, he got
a lot of backlash on social media.

Yea, so what if he
dressed up as Batman, you may ask? There are literally ten Batman in every
Halloween party, right?

Well, here’s the deal:
Everything was well-executed and top-notch, but the color of the costume was
brown… yeah, we all wondered the same thing. So, because of the color, he looks
like a giant cockroach standing next to a lavish car. 

next thing you know, all hell breaks loose.

this might be a bit racist.


But hey, we don’t think
these bunch of unfunny (funny) users could demotivate Travis Scott to the
extent that he’s forced to deactivate his account. Celebrities are trolled
daily on social media and without any reason. So what made Scott take the
trolling so seriously?

Look at Travis Scott,
he’s had a great year! He not only held a virtual concert in Fortnite but he
also had a song featured in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet – and this song was
crucial in the film. He also collaborated with McDonalds and released the best
performing song last month. In addition, he is the creative partner of
PlayStation and has been an active promoter of the upcoming PS5 consoler.

Basically, things are
going great, so one bad Halloween costume shouldn’t blow his spirit. Here’s
what we think: what if this is a strategy to gain attention? An attempt to
tease his fans? What if he’s got new music on the way and this sudden
deactivation is a promotional strategy?

We believe this is the
only reasonable excuse to deactivate an Instagram account. A 29-year-old music
mogul just can’t be sad because some random person on the internet called him a
cockroach caped in crusader. This is too lame of an excuse to hit the delete

But look, we do know he
can’t keep his account inactive for long. He HAS to come back because his absence will negatively impact his
brand value.

While Travis received a
mixed response, his former flame won the internet with her genius Halloween
costume! Kylie Jenner and her pals decided to dress up as Power Rangers and
give a throwback to this wonderful 90s kid show!

Source: US Weekly

Source: E! Online

She was the no-nonsense
Red Ranger, and boy did she look hot!

We certainly believe
Travis should’ve taken a few tips from his baby’s momma. She definitely
would’ve given him a better costume idea, or at least the right color.

Anyway, he’s lucky that
he’s part of the music industry and not in fashion or comedy. One thing is for
sure: this must’ve been an educational experience for Travis Scott because he
now knows that Batman wears black and not brown. 

Updated November 2, 2020
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