Revealing Emma Roberts First Child with Garrett Hedlund (Adorable)

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  • POSTED ON: December 29, 2020

A holidate actress with a Holiday baby!

Emma Roberts welcomed her first baby, a baby boy, with
boyfriend Garrett Hedlund. According to several inside sources, the actress
gave birth on Sunday, December 27th, in Los Angeles.

Earlier this year, the 29-year-old actress took to Instgaram
to announce that she is expecting her first child. She posted a picture of her
with a baby bump, sitting on a couch near a window with her hands placed underneath
her growing tummy as she stared into the void.

The following two pictures have her boyfriend Garret, 35,
with a caption reading, “Me… and my two favorite guys.” The couple had been
extremely low-key about their relationship. The news of the two dating became
known in the spring of 2019, when they were spotted having dinner together in
Los Angeles.

With her two favorite GUYS, she hinted that the couple is
expecting a boy.

Julia Roberts, a renowned actress and her aunt commented on
the picture writing “Love You.”

Lea Michel, a co-star and a newly-became mom also commented,
“You will be the greatest mama. I love you Em! Boy moms together.”

Emma Robert Baby Name?

The couple named their child, Rhodes. According to lose
sources, the baby boy weighed around nine pounds at the time of birth, and both
mom and child are “doing great!”

The actress hasn’t officially announced the birth of her
child yet, though.

In an interview, the ‘Holidate’ actress revealed that being
a mother was her longtime desire! She said that she begged her mom to have
another sibling because she needed a baby.

She recalled the day when her mom
brought a little sister at home and how she loved to play and groom her. The
actor said that she had plans to get married by 24 years of age and have kids.

But it couldn’t be possible because of the work responsibilities and
travelling, which didn’t allow her to settle down in a traditional way.

She also casually revealed her experience of being an
expecting woman during the pandemic. She said, “Long story short: I am hungry
and tired. Food and sleep do not abide by the normal laws when you’re pregnant.
But I’m healthy, which is the thing I’m most grateful for. To see my body
change inside and out so drastically has been a wild experience. Surprising and

In 2019 interview, Roberts talked about why preferred to
keep her romantic life private.

She said that she doesn’t like to discuss her relationships,
whether she has ended them or is still in them. “It’s hard enough to be with
someone by yourself, let alone with an audience. Growing up is hard.”

Sometimes the actresses seemed to struggle with all the
popularity and fame, as she was unable to get a private moment alone. She
blamed this on social media, saying that people now have all the access to
comment on personal matters, and see what’s going on in the celebrities’ lives.
“It’s really hard to cope with it,” she said.

While talking to a media organization, Roberts said that she
was stunned when she found out about her fertility. Someone advised her to
freeze her eggs and to opt for another options.

But she eventually, froze her
eggs! The actor said that conversing with other women has really helped her to
cope with the pre-pregnancy period, which may or may not include complications
like endometriosis, miscarriages, infertility, fear of kids and etc.

“I was grateful to find out that I was not alone in this. I
hadn’t done anything “wrong” after all.” She said.

Emma Roberts Baby Bump Photos: See the Pregnant Actress!

Source: Instagram

The actress revealed that she got pregnant expectedly. Even
after the pregnancy results, she didn’t want to get her hopes high, as she
believed that anything can go wrong during pregnancy.

She said that this
pregnancy helped her realized that the only plan we can have is that with no
planning at all. And to get a first glimpse of her adorable baby, make sure to like our Facebook page ASAP!

Congratulations to the newbie parents!

Updated December 29, 2020
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