Review: Creepy Mansion, horrific Kids And ’80s Style: ‘The Haunting Of Bly Manor’

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: October 10, 2020

the ear-torturing accents are the most horrific thing in Mike Flanagan’s sequel
of the supernatural hit drama or Netflix’s 2018 series The Haunting of Hill House…

Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House series was a
terrifying ghostly journey that took place at a dark mansion (also too tidy destination!).
Based on the novel by Shirley Jackson, it depicts how violence creates a deep-rooted
impact in the world, how evil still lingers, tormenting families and shaping

It’s actually more epic than it sounds, though!

So, October is already here and so has the series’ second installment, The Haunting of Bly Manor dropped on Netflix to scare the hell
out of us!

Without giving any spoilers, we would just say
that the Bly Manor has a decent script, and
addresses the purpose of the grief (with a slight lack of plot, scare jumps,
horrors or shocks, though).

While Hill House laid out the first half of the
series in discrete intervals—with episodes depicting the stories of every family
member in turn—Bly Manor’s plot revolves primarily around Dani (Victoria Pedretti),
an American au pair employed by Lord Wingrave (Henry Thomas) to babysit the
mysterious kid Miles (Benjamin Even Ainsworth), and a creepier niece Flora
(Amelie Bea Smith) at a creepy mansion, after their
parents’ tragic death.

The story takes place in the 1980s, so you’ll see
characters in high-waisted jeans and puff-shouldered tops. Folks belonging to
the 1980s would definitely relate to this!

Anyways, Bly Manor was slightly less scary than
Hill House (given with the lack of jump scares and shocks). Apart from ghosts
lurking in the hallway, the series heavily relies on the most mainstream
horror-tactics: The bathroom mirror ghost!

But that’s fine because the kids’ performances
really put us on edge and make us empathize with the characters.

Overall, the Haunting of Bly Manor was a bit
disappointing, as the previous installment sets the bar when it comes to being
creepy and intense… though, it will definitely whet the appetite for those
looking for something upsetting to watch for the Halloween month.

Check out the trailer here:

Updated October 10, 2020
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