Richard Ramirez and Anastasia Hronas: What Actually Happened Between them in February 1985?

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Netflix’s latest docu-series “The Night Stalker: The Hunt of a Serial Killer” chronicles the events that lead to the arrest of America’s
most chased serial killer Richard Ramirez.

He terrorized the city of Los Angeles and San Francisco from
the summer of 1984 till the 1986’s spring. Told from the perspectives of
survivors, police and investigators, Netflix’s four part-documentary attempts
to deglamorize the crimes of Richard Ramirez who later became known as the “The
Night Stalker.”

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Richard Ramirez was a monster disguised as a human being,
who did target not only women and men of all races, but also children! He
didn’t have a certain type in terms of choosing victims; he used to roam around
the city and attack people of all age and gender!

He was a ruthless serial killer-turned-paedophile who once
targeted a six-year-old girl for his lust and desperation.

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But you know who brought this evil man to justice?

The same six-year-old girl Anastasia Hronas!

Anastasia Hronas was only six-years-old when she encountered
this beast in February 1985 and later brought him to justice!

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Here’s what happened between Richard Ramirez and Anastasia
Hronas in February 1985:

TW: Rape/sexual assault

Ordeal: Richard Ramirez abducted her from her home

Anastasia Hronas, a six years old girl, was sleeping in bed
one night in 1985 when Richard Ramirez moved into her room from the window. He
abducted the sleeping Hronas and took her in his arms to the car.

She woke up when Ramirez carried her, but she didn’t scream
or make any sort of noise. Anastasia felt comforted and a sense of closeness in
the arms of the person carrying her, he believed that she was in safe hands.
The moment she realized something is really odd, it was already too late.

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Ramirez took a six-year-old to his home

The Night Stalker abducted Hronas and drove her to an
abandoned home. After some years, now 41-year-old Hronas recalled her
experience in the Netflix’s docu-series, she said that she had no idea how long
she was in the car; at that point, she realized that he wanted her to look him
in his eyes and touch him.

He asked Hronas to get into a duffle bag and carried her
inside the home. He unzipped the bag only to assault the minor sexually. She was
attacked by Richard Ramirez repeatedly.

was screaming in pain but the monster did not stop!

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Hronas felt completely helpless, as the monster continued to
rape her. She screamed of pain and agony but he didn’t stop. The survivor
remembers saying him to stop or let her go to the washroom. She observed that
the killer had guilt in his eyes as if he knew that he was hurting her and that
he was sorry, but didn’t stop, nevertheless, and continued what he wanted to do.

Ramirez spared her life and dropped her off at the gas station

Once done raping, Richard Ramirez carried Hronas back to the
car and drove her to an adjacent gas station. He commanded her to ask someone
call 911 and also ensured that she reached home safely. It’s unclear what drove
him to spare her life when he could have killed her.

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Hronas identified the rapist and serial killer from the lineup

We could not even match the amount of bravery and courage
Anastasia Hronas demonstrated when she was only six-years-old. She did not only
help police in identifying Ramirez from the lineup but also decided to testify
against this beast and send him behind bars for good!

She was
crucial in catching the serial killer.

Anastasia Hronas encountered American’s most ruthless serial
killers with great courage and bravery at the age of six.  She fully-cooperated with police throughout the
process and also decided to testify in the court, knowing well enough that Ramirez
was going to be there in the court.

With her unprecedented display of courage and bravery, she
made sure that no other women had to go through a similar situation as what she
had been through. 

Today, 41-years-old Anastasia Hronas is living her life to
the fullest. She is determinant not to let this one horrifying incident dictate
her future. She is married and has a happy, loving family. It must have been
difficult for her to live with such a trauma, but she managed to overcome it
and emerged as victorious.

On the other hand, Richard Ramirez suffered a terrible death
from the complications of blood cancer. He died alone in prison at the age of

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Updated January 18, 2021
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