Robert Downey Jr. Takes His Pranks Seriously When He Has a Score to Settle

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  • POSTED ON: September 26, 2020

We all know Robert
Downey Jr. as the lovable dude with a great sense of humor. He is not exactly
the “Mr. nice guy” type but he’s also not a “sicko” with mean-spiritedness.

However, if you find
out what happened between him and David Fincher on the set of Zodiac, you’ll be
forced to reevaluate your thoughts about him. To be honest, it wasn’t his fault

Well, David Fincher is
known as a no-nonsense director. He has the ability to push his actors to give
their career-best performances in his movies. However, while getting that
performance out, he does have the ability to push the wrong buttons and rub
people the wrong way.

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On the set of Zodiac,
he made his actors and crew member stay on board for long hours – and sometimes
even took 70 plus takes per scene! This was obviously hard on actors who have
families to go back to and other commitments that need fulfilling.

Now it’s not like only
Downey was miffed, but he was the only one who decided to do something about it. And he performed his life’s most disgusting
and smelliest prank on set.

Basically, he urinated
on mason jars and left those around the set – a passive-aggressive trick to remind
Fincher how important breaks are during filming!

You can assume that
both aren’t exactly friendly with one another.


Updated September 26, 2020
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