Room 2806: The Accusation| Five Shocking Facts about Nafissatou Diallo

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Room 2806: The
Accusation is a short docuseries by Netflix that revolves around the case of sexual
assault targeting the Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK), a French politician.
Prior to that allegation, DSK was at the peak of his political career and had
earned the title of the financial czar of the world. In fact, he was very well
considered as France’s next president.

But as soon as this
allegation was made, nature took its course and everything started falling like
dominoes. There was one woman behind it all: Nafissatou Diallo. Despite playing
such a critical role in his downplay, very little is known of her.

Let’s see who she
was and what her role was in this entire prophecy.

To start off, she was
born in Conakry, Guinea in 1978 but moved to the USA in
2003 to lead a reasonable life through an application under asylum. She was
undereducated immigrant with a poor socio-economic background aiming a chance
at her American Dream.

In all honesty, she
just wanted to earn sufficient money for her daughter to live a comfortable life –
a wish of every mother. Hence, she resided in the Bronx and had a service industry’s $25 per hour
job. She could only afford to live in a low-income area
of New York and get a job at the Sofitel Hotel as a maid.

But even at the time,
she was happy because she worked honestly and had a stable job that put food on
the table. She didn’t have much to complain about. However, everything changed
the minute she entered Room 2806 just to clean DSK’s hotel room – where he assaulted her sexually. 
It wasn’t just a
one-sided story with no evidence to back her. In fact, her allegations were
supported by the police officers who were aware of the scene and interviewed her right
after. Evidence was also found in the medical reports! But in the face of
truth, power succeeded and the case never even proceeded to trial.

Of course, when no
action was taken to defend her dignity and right, Nafissatou Diallo ended up filing a civil lawsuit in the Supreme Court of NY against DSK. Almost
a year after that once France’s Presidential elections ended, a countersuit was filed by the DSK against her for “baseless
accusations that cost him his job as managing director of the International
Monetary Fund and other professional opportunities.”

What was his response,
you’d ask? Well, the man made it all convenient for him. He said that
everything that occurred in the room that day was consensual. Clearly, the man
doesn’t understand how consent works. By December 10, 2012, both cases were

Nafi also filed a lawsuit against the New York post because that paper claimed and named her prostitute. The settling amount was nothing less than $1.5 million but she
apparently got almost $1 million.

Now a lot has been said
and done, Nafi has quietly managed her life and made the most of whatever she
earned. She’s glad that she decided to speak up and stand against injustice as
she believes that it led other people to find their voice, even when the opposition is so powerful.

Nafi now prefers to
stay away from the spotlight but she still lives in the Bronx. She has her own
restaurant which is located on the Boston Road where she provided the fusion of
Spanish and Western African cuisine. It’s supposedly a six-page menu and 100

The documentary is a
four-part series that follows the sexual assault case of 2011. The documentary
aims to bring DSK’s womanizing tactics and dubious actions to light. It also
tries to bring awareness to the media frenzy that followed. Nafi truly helped
other women to speak their truth and find their voices – like, Tristane Banon!

Banon was born in the
west of Paris, France on June 13, 1979. She is the daughter of Socialist
vice-president of the general council of Eure, Anne Mansouret. Her father is a
French-Moroccan businessman. She is graduated in journalism and found a way in
media as a sports reporter.

Soon she got a chance to serve in the political and
cultural department as well. She encountered DSK while researching for her
debut book ‘Erreurs avouees’ where she discussed the biggest mistakes committed
by well-known politicians.

At the age of 23, she
was offered an interview with DSK who described her as naïve. She, of course,
didn’t realize what she was agreeing on.

After the abuse, she never spoke about
it in the media or in her official columns. However, in a 2007 interview, she
did mention that DSK attempted to rape her. But she gained a lot of strength
after Nafi’s accusations that she decided to press charges against him, too.

Here again, there was
evidence of sexual assault but not of attempted rape. And unfortunately,
Tristane’s case was not forwarded due to the three-year statute of limitation
policy. DSK again denied all allegations against him.

There you go, these
were the 5 shocking facts about the Netflix documentary. We tried to tell you
the facts about Nafissatou Diallo, too. We’re sure hoping to see Nafissatou
Diallo biography in near future.


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