Sailor Moon’s first three seasons are coming to YouTube for free

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: April 27, 2020

Sailor Moon is a prominent anime series that originally aired between 1992 and 1995. The series is being released on YouTube for free on the channel called Crunchyroll. Every week, starting from April 24th, 10 episodes will be launched, until all 127 episodes are released.   

The show is being released on the platform ahead of the launch of the upcoming Sailor Moon film titled Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal – The Movie, which is divided into two parts. The first part starts in Japan on September 11. Since the movie is based on the original storyline of Manga, it is important to catch up on the first three seasons.

Source: Review Geek 

Thus, the release of the first three seasons of this remarkable series can help people pass their time during this awful pandemic and also help them reconnect with the original storyline. In the past couple of months, many companies have provided free audiobooks, free comics, and free games, and the free access to the Sailor Moon’s anime series is simply a cherry on top.

Updated April 27, 2020
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