Schitt’s Creek Actor Asks Everyone to Wear Masks and Put Safety First

  • POSTED ON: May 21, 2020

Schitt’s Creek creator and star Dan Levy tried to knock some sense into the people who are refusing to wear masks due to their weird reasons. He posted a video on Twitter with a message for them and said that people are avoiding masks because “they perceive it to be an infringement on their freedom.”

Source: Getty Images

“Imagine seeing it not as an infringement on your freedom, but rather the simplest, easiest act of kindness that you can do in a day,” said Levy. “Not just for yourself, but for other people who might have autoimmune issues, people who, if they were to contract COVID with those issues might have some devastating repercussions.”

He made points about the privilege of people who are being irresponsible and said that it is important to consider others’ safety too. “See it not as anyone or anything infringing on your freedom, but rather, if you have the freedom to leave your house if you have the good health to leave your house, why not put on a mask? Make it your good deed for the day and do something nice for yourself and other people,” he concluded.

Watch the full Twitter video here:

Updated May 21, 2020
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