Seth Meyers Points Out How Trump’s Family Benefits from “Opportunity Zones”

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  • POSTED ON: March 11, 2020

In the latest episode of The Light Night with Seth Meyers, Seth took a jab at Donald Trump and his “opportunity zone” policy. He is already known for his witty and hilarious critical commentary and this time was no different.  

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Taking a break from elections 2020 and the coronavirus outbreak, he focused on more deadly events like how Mr. President has designed certain regulations, especially for the convenience of his family.

The policy states that investors can postpone the payment of their taxes if they feel that certain areas require more attention and want to invest that money there. Those areas are known as “opportunity zones’. However, no clear definition of the phrase is present, and Trump’s own son-in-law Jared Kushner has manipulated the law for his benefit.

Meyers accused Kushner of constructing wealthy neighborhoods in already developed areas, and there is no monitoring system for accountability. “Opportunity zones” are being exploited by many investors because there is no set paradigm that mentions underprivileged or low-income areas. As a result, one investor built a huge New York apartment building with a 24-hour valet parking, yoga studio and a pet spa under the guise of “opportunity zones”. 

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“A pet spa is not the kind of thing that helps America’s inner cities. That’s not what they’re shouting at. I have a hard time finding a job and paying rent, but the real issue is my cat who desperately needs a salt scrub”, Meyers criticized Trump and his absurd laws.

The show was placed under investigation for such heavy criticism especially since Meyers specifically named Jared Kushners. However, the late-night television host was not fazed as he had a “feeling Trump will try and squash it”.

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Updated March 11, 2020
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