Sharon Osbourne Still Loves Ozzy Osbourne| The Rare Photos and Footages!

  • POSTED ON: 04/Dec/2020

Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne have had a tumultuous relationship for decades! In the 80s, they would get into physical fights after consuming high doses of drugs and alcohol. He once lost his cool entirely, punched her face, and broke her front line of teeth. They’ve been extremely destructive to the extent that he was once put behind bars on an attempt to murder charges.


But apparently, when you’re in love, nothing matters – your dignity, self-worth, righteousness… nothing.


Sharon Loves Ozzy Osbourne!

Well, apparently it seems that after all the drama and public dispute, the couple is still together if we look at their rare photos and footage!

Sharon Osbourne has, in fact, gone on record to say that she and Ozzy still have sex a couple of times a week. The 67-year-old talk show host spoke candidly about her relationship with longtime husband on Friday. She sounded saddened as she admitted that her sex life has observed a slight decline. She decided to make her sex life open for public discussion by saying that previously she would have sex with Ozzy thrice a day. She justified it by saying that she feels moved by him a certain way, which is why she can’t stop loving him.

She claimed that everybody knows that she and her husband were oversexed. She then made a little weird remark saying that it’s no secret that her husband had enough sex for all. But she agrees that it’s normal to experience that minor decline in sex frequency when you’re in a long term relationship.


If you guys are wondering why Sharon was going on and on about her sex life on daytime television, let us tell you that it was due to the topic of discussion. The conversation was actually about older women and their decreased sense of sex drive.

Normally, it is believed that as you grow older, your sex drive reduces, especially in women. But the latest research has shown that it is not the entire truth. On the contrary, women after a certain age actually crave intimacy and the physical thrill of sex.

Thus, Sharon felt it was the right platform to open up about her person equations. She said that when you’re in a relationship, you go through varied emotions and experiences. Some are high and some are low, and all of that depends on where you are with your relationship. In addition, she said that when you grow up the meaning of sex might change but it’s not actually about sex after all – it’s about intimacy and being with the person you love and they feel the same.

According to Sharon, sex is more about respect when you’re in a mature relationship. In the early years of your love life, the goosebumps that you experience are no longer there; when your relationship matures, the goosebumps transform into the warmth and that is a sign of respect. The butterflies you experience in the early days of a relationship convert into love and comfort.

The talk show host got married to Ozzy in 1982 during Ozzy Osbourne's incredible career journey. They have three children together: Aimee, Kelly, and Jack (all in their 30s).

In 2016, Ozzy was in the middle of a cheating scandal when Sharon separated from him. After 33 years of marriage, the couple split briefly but she apparently fell back in love with him only a year later.

She spoke candidly about the changing dynamics of her long-term relationship. She said that thirty-five years is a long time, and during this time, she has fallen in and out of love with him a few times. She said that Ozzy is trying his best to be a better human being and that helped her fall in love with him again.

"Probably, really, just months ago because he was trying so hard to be a better person — desperately trying, working his program, working with his therapist every day and trying so hard." – She said.

This time it was different, because she had a newfound respect for him.  She admired that after all they they’ve been through, he was still willing to pick up the pieces and start over.

Recently, Sharon also shared a nude picture with her husband Ozzy. The couple is in a tub after claiming that they have sex twice a week.  She then told everyone that she’ll be looking for everyone’s sense of humor and added a hashtag saying “it is what it is”.

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