Sherlock’s teenage sister ‘Enola Holmes’ solves a pretty good case on her own

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  • POSTED ON: September 27, 2020

Another Londoner who’s smarter than Inspector Lestrade!

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most mouldable characters in the fiction world. Drop him into any setting of the era, and he will be transformed into just about anything the changing times demand.  But let’s not talk about the brother for now because his sister has taken over the screen on Netflix! Enola Holmes is streaming on Netflix and it looks like she has completely overshadowed her brother’s keen detective skills…

Based on Nancy Springer’s series of young adult novels, the film revolves around Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown), Sherlock’s kid sister (Henry Cavil), and Mycroft (Sam Claflin) Holmes. Enola (which spells backwards as “alone”, which she will tell you more than once in a film) lives alone with her mother, Eudora (Helena Bonham Carter). The sudden disappearance of their mother leads her brothers to return home in order to send the little sister to a school, where she can learn to become a proper lady.

Obviously, being a proper ‘lady’ would be the least of Enola’s concerns. Blessed with some great detective skills like her elder brothers including observation, recollection, and deduction skills, Enola figures out that there’s something unusual in her mother’s disappearance and decides to abandon school to find her. And that makes her first case of her own…

Enola Holmes isn’t a unique take of the young adult book series adaptation, but it’s definitely a progressive and great portrayal of the young girl, who strives to prove that she is as much as clever and competent than any other grown-up men in this world. 

Millie Bobby Brown proves to be the perfect fit for Enola. Whereas, Henry Cavil is probably the last British actor anyone would have imagined to play Sherlock, but he was also great! But we will still go for Benedict as our ultimate Sherlock! Louis Partridge is a true gentleman-in-distress and a foil to Enola. 

Pretty much every cast shines their characters, except, of course, Mycroft Holmes, because someone in the plot has to be a lil misogynist…

Overall, Enola Holmes is a nice take on the world of Sherlock Holmes… It’s a good movie if you want to see it with your friends or family, keep in check with SOPs, though. But no one’s going to forget Sherlock… He’s the face of the mystery and intelligence, and he will continue to be so till the centuries to come. 

Binging Enola doesn’t seem bad at all; if nothing else, it’s a nice change!

check out the trailer here:

Updated September 27, 2020
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