Shocking details about Netflix’s ‘Murder among the Mormons’ Docu-series

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  • POSTED ON: February 26, 2021

Netflix is bringing another documentary series for
true-crime fans to feast their eyes on. This time, the latest crime docuseries
is a straight-out case of whodunit!

Murder among the
is a three-part documentary, which attempts to explore the trio of
bombings of Salt Lake City in 1985 that rocked the local Mormon community to
the core and challenged the historical foundations of the Church of Jesus
Christ and Latter-day Saint.

A number of early Mormon letters and diaries were discovered
in the car of the third victim, Mark Hofmann, a respectable collector of rare
and ancient documents, including the notorious Salamander Letter – a document
whose contents threatened the very foundation of Mormon communities. As Hofmann
held on to life, detectives raced against time to find out the truth, and what
they discovered was downright shocking!

The three-part series has been produced by the same person who
brought to us “Crime Scene: The Vanishing
at the Cecil Hotel”
and “Conversations
with the killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes
” Joe Berlinger, who is a passionate true-crime

Directed by Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) and Tyler Meason
(An Honest Liar) – who both grew up in the Mormon community— Murder among the Mormons promises to
provide viewers the first comprehensive look at one of the most tragic and shocking
crimes to have ever taken place in the Mormon community and the perpetrator
behind those crimes. 

“It is a story that happened to take place in a relatively
small town whereby a human was able to utilize the culture in order to
perpetrate his crimes,” explain filmmaker Tyler Measom.

Murder Among the Mormons: Season 1 | Release date and where to watch  streaming and online |

Source: Flicks

Even after decades, the Salt Lake City killings and their
mysteries loom over the region and the LDS Church like a dark tale.

“This story, even now, still makes a lot of people
uncomfortable,” said director Jared Hess. “And it’s because they don’t really
know what occurred. They assume that some bad things occurred, possibly as it
relates to their faith, but they don’t really know.”

The filmmakers explained that those who were raised in the
Mormon faith, including them selves, would know that the story of the 1985
bombings in Salt Lake City has a significant influence over the mythology of
their culture. “It was a tragic and complex episode in Utah’s recent history,
two innocent people lost their lives and countless others were deceived.”

The directors said that most people in the community don’t
even talk about the incident. They aim to tell this “remarkable tale” about the
bombings, the Salamander Letter and Mark Hofmann from the perspective of those
who actually experienced it.

Rayan O’Dowd, Senior Vice President of Entertainment Development
at BBC studios, commented on their collaboration with Netflix for this project,
stating that it is going to be the first time in over three decades that a
documentary will shed light on the dark chapter involving the bombings that left
a profound impact on the entire faith of the Mormon community. The creators are
passionate to bring the untold truths about 1985’s events to the screens.

Murder among
the Mormons
is set to release on Wednesday, March 3rd
on Netflix. Check out its gripping trailer below:

If the Netflix’s latest docu-series is anything like its
trailer, it’s sure to be a bit horrifying and incredibly interesting.  Let’s just hope that this turns out better
than Berlinger’s previous docu-series Crime
Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel
, which left us disappointed big
time! Berlinger, we’re still counting on you!

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Updated February 26, 2021
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