Sightless (2020) Netflix: Five Movie Facts That Will Shock You!

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Fans of CW’s popular teen series Riverdale will know how good Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl Blossom) is
as an actress. Well, she is coming to Netflix with her standalone movie “Sightless

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Written and directed by Cooper Karl, Sightless is a psychological-thriller based on the short film of
the same name. It follows a former violinist Ellen Ashland, who loses her sight
after an attack and decides to draw out from the world to recover. Soon, she
grows suspicious of the people around her, as she believes her mysterious
assailant has returned to haunt her by hiding in plain sight.

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Madelaine Petsch has been remarkable with her acting in Sightless! Despite being in a monotonous
setting for 90 percent of the movie, she masterfully displayed her state of
terror— of not being able to see and being overwhelmed with other senses such
as hearing—with the impressive use of acting skills and facial expressions,
making viewers doubt their own senses for a while.

However, there’s nothing in the movie that you haven’t seen
before. In fact, Sightless is a cross
between Sandra Bullock’s Bird box and
Elisabeth Moss’s The Invisible Man.

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The highlight of this movie is obviously Petsch’s character.
She mostly relies on her caretaker Clayton (Alexander Koch) who is hired by her
brother who lives abroad. He teaches her to adapt in a sightless world and urges
her to increase her other sensory abilities, especially hearing.

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As she lives on with her reality, she starts to realize
there’s something more to the current situation than she thinks. When she
starts to communicate with her neighbors, she plunges into paranoia, believing
that her other senses have started deceiving her.  She begins to doubt the people around her
after multiple attacks, which makes her believe that the people who are close
to her are the ones manipulating the situation around her.

And if you want to know more facts that will shock you and
make you want to watch this movie, here’s what we found:

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Sightless features not one but two eye-treats from the popular
series Riverdale. Alongside Petsch, Mathew
Yang King also stars in the movie as Doctor Katsuro, who portrays a character
Marty Mantle on the CW’s Riverdale.

(2020) Netflix
is loaded with a lot of drama, twists and
thrills, which are bound to make you question your own senses and reality! In the
beginning, it makes us wonder if Ellen is getting crazy because of the
situation she is currently in, or something is really going wrong with her.

With the aid of some impressive visuals and stunning camera
angles, you will jump off your seat from a few jump scares here and there. The
entertainment doesn’t end here; the director has tried to adapt some Hitchcockrian
approaches from the likes of Rear Window
and 1967’s Wait Until Dark – a
psychological thriller starring Audrey Hepburn as a sightless woman being
haunted by something.

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For those who have awful eyesight and rely mostly on
glasses, this movie can actually be your nightmare coming to life! The movie
will make you guess all the way through the ending, and keep you on your toes
with all its twists and turns. You definitely don’t want to miss this one!

The spine-chilling movie Sightless
is coming to our favorite online streaming platform Netflix on Wednesday, 20th
January, 2021. If you’re too worn out after watching
Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony and want to see something different, you know what to stream next.

Check out the trailer here:

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Updated January 19, 2021
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