Sir Ian McKellen Adorable Video For Sir Patrick Stewart’s 80th Birthday

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  • POSTED ON: July 15, 2020

A sonnet a day from Sir Ian McKellen keeps the bad vibes away!

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Sir Ian McKellen took to twitter and recorded an adorable video for his best pal, Sir Patrick Stewart on his 80th birthday. 

The Star Trek alum has been treating viewers to a daily Shakespeare sonnet for the past few months during a pandemic, but on account of his birthday, best friend McKellen took over the sonnet game and surprised him by narrating a Sonnet 81, which is about “Immortal life” – perfectly fitting!

“Sunny and my team took over for my birthday, and arranged this gift for today’s reading,” Stewart wrote on Twitter on Monday, posting a video not from his own armchair, but that of his dear friend. “Sonnet 81 by Ian McKellen. Thank you, dear Ian.”

The two share a beautiful friendship since first bonded on the set of 2000’s X-Men when their trailers were adjoined.

After narrating the sonnet, McKellen looked into the camera with a smile and said, “And a very happy birthday, dear Patrick. Lots of love, Ian.” 

Ahhh… Adorable!

Sir Ian McKellen is indeed the rarest of characters. He is an individual whose distinguished social and political service has transcended his unbeatable fame along with international stardom to reach way beyond the screen and stage. Here you can read more about his great contributions: Ian McKellen, A Biography.

In honor of the legend’s birthday, check out Sir Patrick’s cracking performance in the movie Macbeth exclusively on Amazon Prime!

Updated July 15, 2020
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