Six Flags Magic Mountain| Go Big Six Flags| Everything about its Reopening, Tickets, Membership, Hours and Locations!

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  • POSTED ON: March 21, 2021

Thanks to the vaccine, everything is on its way to getting
back to normal. Malls are opening, schools and colleges are now fully
functional, in short, everything is gradually getting back on track. But do you
know what would be the first thing we would like to do now? Get a ride on our
favorite roller coasters at Six Flags Mountain!

The theme park is all set to reopen on 1st April,
2021. And no, it’s not an April fool prank! Pass-holders can visit the park
starting from 1-2, while general public can visit the place from April 3rd

Earlier, we were all trapped in a maze where we didn’t know
what’s happening, time became unbearably slow, and everything seemed to have
come to a standstill.

But at last, we can get back on the thrill capital of the
world with the rides open!

Buckle up your seat belts, because it’s happening!

It’s time to cash your Six Flags membership this year.

Here’s everything you need to know about Six Flags Magic
Mountain reopening plan, tickets, Six Flag membership, hours and location:

What Will
Six Flags Magic Mountain be Like When it Reopens?

California released a “Blueprint Refresh”, which rates each
country on the risk level (four-tiers in total) associated with the COVID-19
infection and its spread.

Here’s how the table goes like:

Tier 1 (Purple) – Theme parks are shut excluding shopping
events and limited food.

Tier 2 (Red) – Theme parks are permitted to reopen only at 15%

Tier 3 (Orange) – Theme parks are allowed to reopen only at
25% capacity

Tier 4 (Yellow) – Theme parks can reopen at 35% capacity

Los Angeles County currently falls into the Red tier.

As per the OC register, “Under the revised theme park
guidelines, indoor rides and attractions must maintain a 15% capacity in the
red tier and 25% capacity in the orange and yellow tiers, while outdoor rides
and attractions can accommodate more riders provided social distancing mandates
are followed.”

There are also instructions of preventing guest from screaming
and yelling on the rides, because, apparently, the lower your voice would be,
the farther coronavirus particles can travel.

So, no screaming on the rides guys! Go Big Go Six Flags!

What will
be the dates and hours of Six Flags Mountain reopening?

Six Flags Magic Mountain Reopening and Here's What to Expect

The Six Flags Magic Mountain is going “full throttle” on April
1st, 2020 for pass-holders and April 3 for the rest of us!

Even though everything in the California state has resumed,
the amusement parks are on a slower track of reopening.

However, Hurricane Harbor Water Park hasn’t yet announced
their official reopening date.

Sorry, tourists, but only Californian citizens are allowed to
visit theme parks when it reopens.

The Six Flags Magic Mountain reopening period hours are from
10 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily till April. Starting from May 1st, the park
will be open for weekends as well.

Opening hours are subject to change, so it’s
better to check the details before heading to the park, according to regional theme park company.

What are
the safety measures and reservation
of Six Flags Mountain Reopening?

Six Flags reopening: What you need to know | Fortune

The theme park will operate on strict covid-19 protocols, like
guests will be required to cover their faces with facemasks, they will have to
go through routine temperature checks at the entrance, mandatory social
distancing will be maintained, changes to ride procedures will be implemented,
increased disinfecting and sanitization will be ensured, etc.

There are going to be a lot of changes at your favorite
amusement park, you can read a detailed guide about these changes on our
Facebook page.

Expect the following changes for keeping guests social
distanced in the park:

Virtual queues

People will face only one direction on the rides

Less number people both on rides and queues

Encouraging 6 feet of distance between the queues.

New reservations system to limit the park capacity

Reduced indoor capacity of restaurants, shops and

Sanitization process:

Staff members will repeatedly sanitize the park and frequently
touched spaces, such as tubes, benches, chairs, and cans. Here what you should
expect in this regard:


Staff members will sanitize game items and
rearrange games for social distancing.

There will be hand-sanitizing stations all across the
park, where guests will be asked to sanitize their hands after or before the

Staff members will frequently sanitize rides unit.

There will be strict implementations for putting
the masks on.

Only unused cups will be used at beverage stations.

Stay tuned to Hayvine for more
information about amusement parks reopening.


Updated March 21, 2021
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