SNL Weekend Update: Ryan Reynolds Cracks a Bunch of Sex Jokes

  • 16/Dec/2019

Ryan Reynolds has got the hang of the latest Saturday Night Live shows. After making an appearance at Will Ferrell's opening monologue, Ryan recently crashed “Weekend Update” and made a plethora of dirty sex jokes.  


Ryan Reynolds, playing the character “Guy Who Knows the Owner,” was accompanied by Alex Moffat, a wealthy jerk called “Guy Who Just Bought a Boat.” Together, they propose a “dating manual” for Thanksgiving and fire the Weekend Update with countless sex jokes.


An interesting fact about this video is a short interaction between Reynolds and the host, Colin Jost.

Reynolds made a snarl remark: “Play your cards tight, and she'll slip off her Louboutin pumps and play a little under-the-table footsie that'll have her saying 'Is that a giant, old, soft decaying banana in your pants or are you just not interested to see me?'"

Colin, who is engaged to Ryan’s ex-wife Scarlett Johansson, replies: "That's what she'll say?"

So, was it a shade thrown? We’ll never know!

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