‘Snowfall’ Season 4: Premieres on FX and Hulu

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  • POSTED ON: February 25, 2021

Saint has made his return after a painful and exhaustingly lengthy one and a
half year. The long-awaited premiere of Snowfall Season 4 is here, and it’s
airing on FX.

is considered to be one of the most gripping tales of crime on television. The
series began in 2017 and it centers on a young man who sells weed and rises in
the ranks of the drug kingpin in his own right. His emergence to the top takes
place in arguably the most difficult period of Los Angeles history – crack
epidemic. Do you wish to watch the series? Well, here’s how you can catch the
Season 4 premier of Snowfall!

When is the Premiere Date of Snowfall’ Season 4?

fourth season of Snowfall comes out on Wednesday, the 24th of
February, 2021.

What time will it be aired on

The excitement for the new series is peaking at the moment. Fans eagerly
waiting to catch the high-stake drama can clear their schedule for 10/9c PM.
This is the time the new episode of the series will air. The premier episode of
the new season will air on FC on Wednesday.

How to Watch Snowfall?

we said, Snowfall is going to be aired on FX – hence, your first option is to
catch the episode at the said time live with everyone else. If you have a cable
subscription, you are set for the day. Make sure you have a live TV skinny
bundle. You could have a YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV and even a Sling TV – it
doesn’t matter. You can watch the thrilling crime series live at 10/9c PM.

you someone who has already bid farewell to live TV? Well, don’t worry and
thank the heavens for the existences of FX on Hulu. You should know that FX has
cracked a partnership with Hulu, so all the new episodes of the network end up
going straight to the streaming platform. However, you have to wait for a day
after its original airing. In that case, you can catch the episode anytime on
February 25.

you don’t have a Hulu subscription, you’re still in luck, as you can benefit from
the seven-day free trail offered by the streaming platform.

Can I Get A Recap Of The Previous Season?

course, there’s been such a long gap between the last season and the new one – thanks
to the pandemic! Naturally, we all deserve a 

the first two seasons, Franklin’s arc was pretty stoic and predictable. He rose
to fame and became a drug lord. However, things took a swift turn in the last
season as we saw how the growing power impacted Franklin. His progressively
violent streak and other morally corrupt decisions made us question his

murdered Officer Andre after he swore that he’s never going to stop chasing
him. This was, of course, a huge mistake as it came back to bite him in a fatal
way. By the end of the 3rd season, Melody, his childhood girlfriend,
discovered who shot her father;as revenge, she shot Franklin after Andre’s

the final scene of Snowfall, Franklin was on the floor, bleeding. There’s an
episode before the finale called ‘Other Lives’ which focuses on the
possibilities. What would have happened if he had not chosen this life? What
would have happened if Franklin had not accepted his fate of selling weed? This
episode of “What if” soon got interrupted by the depressing season finale. In
the alternate timeline, he was all set to go to college and lead a much
fulfilling and happy crime-free life.

obvious that Franklin survived those gunshots. He’s very much alive in season
4. However, the new season comes with its own set of problems – like, he’ll be
forced to choose between the impending drug war and finding a different path
for himself. Time will test his alliances and what his enemies are capable of. Will
this kid from downtown LA become the king of the city? Will he be able to form
his own kingdom and fight all his demons and enemies? Time will tell if he’s
doomed for good or not.

then, watch the episode live on FX on Wednesday and like our page on Facebook
for movie reviews and entertainment news.

think that the partnership between Hulu and FX is a prime example of how a
television network expands successfully – that’s exactly how The Walt Disney
Company did! Anyway, do watch networks’ original series live so that you don’t come
across any spoilers. 

Updated February 25, 2021
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