Socially Distanced Love Story Got Famous on TikTok

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  • POSTED ON: March 30, 2020

For all the single people out there, dating just got complicated. While many couples are observing social isolation together and uploading cute videos, people without partners cannot even meet someone new because of the lockdown situations in many countries. However, this did not stop a particular Brooklyn-based photographer, Jeremy Cohen, who is nothing less than a hopeless romantic during the quarantine

Source: Mashable

His love story started because of social isolation and he documented every step in a series of TikTok videos that are receiving massive internet hype. He says that flirting is “usually daunting” for him but given the special circumstances, he built up confidence and went for the game.

Last week he saw his neighbor, Tori Cignarella, who was dancing on her roof across the street from his apartment and he was mesmerized. So he attached a piece of paper with his number on it to a drone and flew it to Tori’s rooftop where she received it.

“I think being confined to a box while being quarantined can inspire creativity,
” said Cohen in an email to Mashable. He admitted that he wouldn’t have made a move if he was not observing social distancing. “Because of this and the fact that I craved human connection more than ever, it gave me the guts to shoot my shot with Tori.”

Well, it worked. She texted him an hour later and asked him out on a dinner date which was slightly different than the usual ones. Both of them microwaved frozen dinners and set tables on their balcony and rooftop with glasses of wine to enjoy a socially distanced date. They Facetimed each other during the dinner and uploaded a video of doing so on TikTok.

“I can understand how people seeing it could think it would be fake considering there are so [many] endless amounts of videos online that tell fake stories,”
he said. “All I can say is that if they knew me personally, they would know I’m not the type of person to put out a big lie and run with it.”

However, the story doesn’t end here. For their second date, Cohen decided that it was time to meet Tori in person so they went for a walk. He inflated a human-sized hamster ball, got flowers and went to Cignarella’s apartment so they could take a walk down the street without having any contact with each other.

Unfortunately, he was not able to give her those flowers due to the hamster ball but they hugged each through the bubble and it was adorable.

“There are heaps of different ways to communicate [with] people through technology, and it’s all at our fingertips. Just be creative, kind, open-minded, and put yourself out there! (Virtually)”, advises Cohen. So, if your partner is making excuses and avoiding you during social distancing, show them the efforts this individual just made for a stranger.

Updated March 30, 2020
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