Story: What’s Behind T.I and Tiny Harris’s Alleged Sex Trafficking Accusations?

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  • POSTED ON: January 29, 2021

A popular rapper, T.I (real name Clifford Joseph) and his
wife, Tiny Harris are in hot water after being accused of sex trafficking women
and children.

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The charges were brought up by at least 15 women who claimed
that the couple forced them into sexual favors in exchange of money and drugs.

Amidst the shocking wave of allegations against rapper T.I
and his family on social media, over a dozen women (including minors) have so
far spoken out in less than 42 hours.

The couple haven’t been charged with any criminal charges
yet nor have they officially responded to the allegations.   

What has actually happened? What’s behind those allegations?

Here are the complete details of the story:

A former friend of T.I and Tiny Harris, Sabrina Peterson,
was the first person who accused them of sexual assault.  She made the shocking revelation on her
Instagram account, claiming that the rapper even held her at gun point. Later she
gathered all the messages and screenshots from other alleged victims who had
been assaulted by the couple. At least over a dozen came forward, detailing incidents
of harassment and mistreatment by the couple.

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One victims even claimed that the rapper used to call women
“his cattle,” while others revealed that his wife Tiny is more evil than him. The
alleged victims accused Tiny for running illegal affairs such as forcing minors
and women into sexual activities and drug consumptions like “molly” (also known
as methylenedioxymethamphetamine “MDMA”) and cocaine.

Peterson is also planning to create a documentary, intending
to expose the couple’s alleged sex trafficking activities and drug ring. Titled
as “Surviving T.I and Tiny”, this documentary is said to include the
testimonies of all those people who have been harassed, sexually assaulted, and
mistreated by the couple. Most of their victims preferred to remain anonymous.

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One anonymous victim recalled her meeting with rapper T.I,
which took place in the couple’s suite at the Ritz-Carlton in 2016. She claimed
that the couple took her phone and handed her a packet of cocaine before asking
her to remove her pants. She wrote that only those who agreed to get naked were
allowed to stay.

“I watched him drag girls back and forth from the bedroom,
to the bathroom, to the living room,” the victim wrote. “One girl was crying
because she wanted to leave but they refused to give her phone to call an

According to the victim, she was so brutally sexually
assaulted that she couldn’t even walk. The rapper called someone from his
security “to pick this bitch off the bed.” She recalled that she left the place
“almost unconscious” and that she was barely breathing.

One victim even described the rapper as a monster who used
his wife as a secret weapon to torture and manipulate people.

According to one account, the couple broke into a person’s
house in broad daylight, and beat and kidnapped the husband while their
children were scared to death in the closet.

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A former stripper also came forward to tell how Rapper T.I
abused and forced her into taking drugs and having sex with her. She claimed
that his wife Tiny tortured her repeatedly because she didn’t like that her
husband was giving her more attention. She said that she was forced to leave the
town and “never looked back.”

Among the couple’s alleged sex victims, there was a minor
who revealed that she and her underage friend were forced to have sex with the
rapper during NBA All-Star Weekend in Colorado. Another witness claimed that
the couple was surrounded with girls every time – those girls used to be so
high that it seemed like they were dead.

After the shocking series of allegations on social media,
Tiny came to her husband’s defense, claiming that Peterson made it all up to
defame the Harris family and that she is trying to harass the couple. Writing
in a comment on The Shade Room, Tiny regarded Peterson as a person with mental
conditions and asked her to get help.

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Almost all the victims warned Peterson to stay safe, as they
believed that exposing the couple for their illegal acts could be life-threatening.
“Exposing the Devil is going to be dangerous,” one victim wrote.

“Hold up… so you want your abuser to train your sons? He was
just uncle 2 years ago now when did you say my husband assualted you? Did you
change your mind or change it back? What wit you today Pooh? I’m confused,”
Tiny wrote in a comment section on “The Shade Room.” she further wrote, “Stop
Harassing My Family. You Strange. Everybody know you been special (face slicing
seminar lady). Please get help but LEAVE US ALONE.”

However, the couple hasn’t yet officially responded to the allegations.
Meanwhile, Peterson is planning to seek legal action and to raise awareness
against the couple.

It remains to be seen whether the sex trafficking
accusations raised against the rapper and his wife are really true or is it
another defamatory stunt to bring down the couple? 

Whatever the truth is, it is bound to come out sooner than
later… Till then, stay tuned to Hayvine and like our Facebook page, as we are
bringing minute-to-minute updates of this story to your newsfeed. 

Updated January 29, 2021
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