‘Stream It or Skip It’ 50M2: Season 1, Netflix Review!

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  • POSTED ON: January 27, 2021

betrayal, and search for a new identity – the recipe for a successful thriller!

winning the hearts of the mainstream audiences (obvious from the critical review),
50M2 is coming to Netflix to conquer the digital platform. The new crime series
that got picked up by Netflix is about a murderer who betrayed his boss to
acquire a new identity. Directed by Burak Aksak and Selcuk Aydemir, and produced
by Faruk Ozerten, the movie has all the elements needed to surprise you!

Turkish series is all set to woo the audiences of Netflix that were previously
marveled by series like The Protector and The Gift.

The story revolves around a
henchman who is on a mission to unravel the truth of his past. To get
perspective, he had to betray his bosses and hide in a vacant tailor shop. This
is where the hitman gets mistaken as the late owner’s son – an opportunity for
him to get a new identity altogether.

series will be released on the 27th of January, 2021. It has been
observed that most suspenseful dramas lack emotionality and sensitivity – but
not this one. This story is power-packed with drama and emotions. The TV thriller
is originally in the Turkish language but you can also watch it in an English

mysterious assassin, named Golge, is trying to discover his past life. After
betraying the trust of his godfathers, he finds a new identity at a vacant
tailor shop. While he’s in the hiding, he also finds the lost calm back to his
life. But the truth remains: he’s not actually the son of the late owner of the
shop. He has to continue putting up a show for a long time, and every minute is
challenging and tricky.

interesting thing that we find out is that the more time he spends away from
his godfathers and the world of murders and cruelty, the more he discovers his
actual truth. He realizes that second chances are hard to come by and harder to
pull off.

he used to do Servet Nadir’s dirty work. He’s now haunted by his past and wants
to remember his childhood. The change of environment helps him recall lost
memories of the past and discover his own identity.

you’re excited to watch the series, you should know about the main cast as well
because there are so many known faces! The cast includes, Engin Ozturk,
Aybuk Pusat, Cengiz Bozkurt, Kursat Alniacik, Tolga Tekin, Yigit Kirazci,
Ozgur Emre Yildirim, Tuncay Beyazit, Tugce Karabacak, Hasan Yalnizoglu, Murat Kilic,
Emre Yesiloz, and Emrullah Cakay!

Verdict: STREAM IT!

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Season 1 of 50M2 (Netflix Original) will be
available to you to stream it and skip it from 
the 27th Jan. We certainly hope you enjoyed this Netflix
review and it compelled you to give the series a watch!

Updated January 27, 2021
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