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  • POSTED ON: December 31, 2020

“Is there any life after death?” “How does it feel like to be
reborn?” “Do heaven and hell really exist?” “What is the difference between
soul and body?”

These are the questions that have been haunting us since human
inception and we continue reading about scientists explorations!

Well, Netflix is trying to raise Netflix documentary game a
notch-higher, launching incredible documentaries one after another. This time,
the streaming giant is stepping into the concept of afterlife.

After watching this, you will need some meditation and for that Netflix has arranged a documentary too!

Based on the best-selling book by Leslie Kean, “Surviving
Dearth” is Netflix’s upcoming series that will feature the first-hand accounts
of people who have returned from the dead! No, seriously!

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming

‘Surviving Death” is all about?

It’s an investigative docu-series that will try to explore
the questions that have been mentioned at the start of this blog.

Produced and directed by filmmaker Ricki Stern, the show
features a series of interviews of researchers, doctors, scientists, paranormal
experts, priests and firsthand accounts of those who have survived— or even
faced— death.

See: Bonnie and Clyde Netflix’s trailer!

The series hopes to offer viewers an extraordinary experience and perception about life and death that have never been seen or
heard before.

trailer, and release date:

‘Surviving Death’ is a 6 part episodic docu-series, slated
to drop on Netflix on 6th January 2021.

Check out the Surviving Death trailer here:

As this series is coming to screens in the midst of the
second wave of the pandemic, the director says that ‘Surviving Death’ will
speak to all those who have ever wondered about their deceased loved ones or
curious-minded people who have attempted to understand the concept of death and
what might come after.

While talking to a media organization, Stern revealed that
he was very fascinated by the views of scientists and doctors mentioned in the
Leslie Kean’s book. He said that it’s very interesting to know the insights of people
who have “supposedly” met death and came back to life.

The series takes the viewer into the lives of people who
have lost their loved ones and are juggling with questions like “what happens
when a person dies? Is there any life after death?

Death”: Stream or Skip?

Netflix’s upcoming docu-series offers a unique perspective
about death that makes it a must watch for all those who’re recently grieving
the death of their loved ones.

Even if you don’t believe in afterlife, the series offers an
opportunity to learn about unique perspectives, views and opinions with respect
to science and religion.

Based on Leslie Kean’s book “Surviving Death: A Journalist
investigates evidence of an afterlife,” the series explores the possibility
that consciousness can live even after the body expires. 

In a time when the world is already reporting millions of
deaths because of the pandemic, Surviving Death promises to answer all those
lingering questions that have been there in our minds for centuries. So, we
definitely want our readers to stream Surviving Death on Netflix on 6th
January 20201.

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Updated December 31, 2020
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