The Actual Video of Rapper Mo3’s Murder on Dallas Highway!

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  • POSTED ON: November 12, 2020

28-year-old rapper has been brutally killed following a shooting on a Dallas

rising Dallas rapper, Mo3, whose real name is Melvin Nobel, has been shot dead
while driving on the highway of his hometown.

unfortunate incident took place in broad day-light at 11:55 a.m. when a car
pulled up next to him and opened fire. The shooting caused chaos on the highway
as nearby cars got terrified and tried to get away from the shooting.

the shooting, Mo3’s vehicle was still moving and eventually crashed into the
concrete median as the driver fell unconscious.

gunman also shot a bystander who was sitting in his car. Fortunately, the
victim survived, and was taken to the hospital with nonfatal injuries. Several
graphic videos of the fatal shooting started surfacing on the internet, showing a man lying on his
back and receiving CPR on the highway.

the police refused to confirm his name, a Dallas Police Department spokesperson
issued the following statement to the media: “At approximately 11:55 a.m., an adult male victim was travelling
northbound on I-35 at Clarendon Drive when he was approached by a suspect(s)
driving what is believed to be a dark color car.”

it turned out that the deceased had been a target for quite some time. The
highway shooting incident is actually the second assassination attempt on him
within a year, but this time he couldn’t survive the attack.

December, he was shot in the head but luckily survived. Just moments after that
incident, he went on a live Instagram video to let his fans know that he’d been
shot, while he was bleeding from his wounds. He said, “a ni**a just pulled
through here. I’m good! Ni**a just shot me in the head and grazed my back. Man,
I’m good!”

signed a contract with Boosie Badazz’s Bad Azz Music label. The two recently
worked on a joint project, launched on Valentine’s Day, titled Badazz MO3. In an interview with the
Flaunt Magazine, he talked about how they two met and decided to work together.

“Three years ago, in a mall,” he said.
“He’s doing a signing or walkthrough at a show store. I had pulled up, chopped
it up. He put on his show that night. After that, he flew me to his house. We
made two songs for my album. I had a mixtape called 4 Indictments with Gangsta
Grillz and DJ Drama. It’s been love ever since.”

dropped his first mixtape in 2014 titled “Shottaz,” followed by his hit 2016
singles “Gangsta Love” and “Hold Ya Tongue.” Mo3 was a rising Texas-based
rapper, and a father of three, who was determined to build up his career after
a successful collaboration with Badazz and Hurricane Chris.

one interview, he described himself as a “gang member turned rapper,” with
music being his ultimate escape from the life of “poverty and struggle.” His
most noteworthy hit was 2019’s “Everybody (Remix),” a joint-project with Boosie
Badazz, which gained over 20 million hits on YouTube.

police described the shooting suspect as an adult Black male, armed with a
firearm who began running southbound on the highway after the shooting.


to the police, the suspect chased Mo3 and shot at him multiple times. The
rapper was immediately transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to
his injuries and was pronounced dead.

incident happened just a few days after the rapper lost King Von to another
shooting incident in Atlanta, Georgia. The 26-year-old was tragically shot dead
after getting into a physical fight with another crew outside the
Monaco Hookah Lounge. The suspect, Timothy Leeks has
been arrested and charged with murder related to the shooting.

and friends have been reacting to the rapper’s sudden demise since the videos
circulated online.

No arrests
have been made so far as the investigation is still going on. The suspect is
still on the run. The Police hasn’t yet mentioned a motive behind the shooting.
Once Mo3 told in an interview that the successful rappers usually remain

“That’s how it’s always been. Security or no
security, you’re always targeted,” he said. “Your level of success makes you a
target. You have people looking at you who are less fortunate, so you’re
automatically a target.”

Hayvine team
would like to send our deepest condolences to the rapper’s family, friends, and
fans. Rest in peace, Mo.

Updated November 12, 2020
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