The Circle| Netflix’s Reality-Competition| Everything You Need to Know about Season 2!

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  • POSTED ON: December 29, 2020

Ready for reality competition shows?

At the start of this year, one of the good things happened!
Yes, seriously!

A reality-competition show “The Circle” debuted on Netflix and took the world by storm! Soon
after the release, it became one of the most entertaining and popular shows on
the streaming site. (Big Brother fans, how are you feeling about that?)

The UK version was already a super hit since its first
season in 2017, so there’s no doubt that the American version would do so well!

Even after a year since its release, fans simply can’t get
enough of this show and are eagerly waiting for season 2! So, will the reality
show return to your screen? If yes, when? Who will be the players? What to
expect and what not to? Well, hold on!

Here you will find answers to all your questions! But first,
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happening around this show!

there really going to be a season 2?

Yes! Netflix has officially announced that The Circle will be returning for another
crazy season! And you know what? There’s going to be season 3 too! In fact, the
filming for both the seasons had already been concluded in November 2020.

Well, there was no surprise that the show will have a second
installment, but nobody had really anticipated a third season, and the fact
that the two would be filmed simultaneously! So that’s a double treat for The Circle fans, isn’t it?

Similar to the first season, the two installments were also
shot in the same location in Manchester, United Kingdom. Back-to-back filming
of the two reality show seasons must have been really tough, especially in the
midst of the pandemic.

Contestants might have to follow strict coronavirus
precautions, so will the crew members! However, many fans believe that this
show is probably the safest series to be filmed in the pandemic, as contestants
are usually kept isolated in separate rooms, anyway. So, that makes sense now!

will The Circle season 2 release?

Considering that season 1 was released in early January, we
can expect that Netflix will mostly likely premiere season 2 in January 2021. Many
fans believe that the release will be slightly delayed because of the
coronavirus restrictions. All in all, The
season 2 is definitely slated for an early 2021 release, dropping on
Netflix in the first quarter of the upcoming year.

As far as season 3 is concerned, the predictions are a bit
ambiguous! We know that season 3 has already been filmed, so we can hope that
the production would release the third season in 2021 too… if it turns out to
be true, then there are more reasons to love 2021!

People have drawn resemblance of this reality show with that
of MTV’s Catfish and CBS’s Big Brother. To put it simply, you can
assume that it’s a cross between the two

popular reality shows.

In the show, contestants are kept in separate rooms,
completely cut off from the outside world (just like in Big Brother). The only
way to interact with other players is through an app. The twist is that players
can pretend to be anyone and nobody is aware if the person they are talking to
is really who they mention in their profiles!

At the end of the season, a winner is declared and entitled
to a $100,000 cash prize.

If you haven’t watched this show yet, the trailer of The Circle season 1 is coming right up:

So, stay tuned to Hayvine to learn more about The Circle and its upcoming seasons.

Updated December 29, 2020
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