The Crown: Prince Charles Questions and Refuses to Accept Diana’s Portrayal!

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  • POSTED ON: November 27, 2020

The month of November
has been quite heavy for the British Monarchy, as several emotionally
overwhelming incidents such as Meghan Markle’s miscarriage have occurred during
it. In addition to this loss, Prince Charles and Camilla faced another loss –
loss of dignity – all thanks to the honest and brave portrayal of the royal
couple on the Netflix drama series, The Crown.

We know that the show
usually depicts the truth on screen as it has a rich source of information
which they first verify and then add to the screenplay. There have been several
incidents in the past seasons where The Crown might’ve gone too far, like when
they were bold enough to show the differences between Queen Elizabeth II and
Prince Philips. But Season 4 is different – it dropped on Netflix on the 15th
of November. It probably crossed a line while portraying the tumultuous
relationship between Crown’s Charles and Princess Diana.

This topic, on its own,
is a controversial one! People from all over the world were shocked and mourned
over the death of the People’s Princess. Even though she died in 1997,
conspiracy theories never ended. People have had their doubts and had always
found a way to blame the Queen. Generations have been divided into two teams:
Princess Diana and Princess of Cornelia.

Fan all over the world
have been tirelessly waiting for the show to depict Diana and her relationship
with Prince Charles ever since the show started – and finally, it did – and
Prince Charles only wishes that it never did. The show has proven to be the objective over the years and never tried to persuade us in the wrong direction.
It made us feel sympathetic towards Charles in the third season as we saw his
broken relationship with his mother. However, it also made us feel disgusted,
as we got to see his worst side – something we always assumed but now we
actually got to see it.

A man of his “honor”
shouldn’t have treated a teenage Diana like this. In fact, no man should treat
a woman like that, regardless of his age or her honor. Period.

It was heartbreaking to
see that a fairytale we always believed in was actually a nightmare for the
couple. And we’re sad to realize that it wasn’t just Charles who treated Diana
awfully, but it was also the Queen, Camilla, and the rest of the family. Many
would argue that Charles was forced to marry her. Well, if a man in his
position can break a marriage, he sure could’ve refused to do it in the first
place. But the reason why he actually went ahead with the plan is one: Camilla.
She was already married with kids at the time, and she was the one who actually
encouraged him to marry Diana.

The problem isn’t that
he never loved her – the problem is that he never even tried. And worst of all,
he tried to do everything in his power to make her life miserable. He was the
reason she was developed an eating disorder, he gaslighted her, and finally,
tried to prove that she was mad. He, on the contrary, has every trait of a

He was never happy – he
tried to find issues with literally everything. The way she expressed her love,
the way she spoke, and the way she loved her children. When she officially
joined the family, she was 19 years old whereas Charles was in his 30s, so
naturally you’d expect him to act a bit mature. But did he?

In the first few years
of their marriage, he criticized her because she didn’t enjoy the limelight.
She wanted to be there for her own children rather than the crowds of
Australia. But soon, when she understood her duty, she became more popular than
him. People started admiring her for her marvelous attitude and beauty. But was
that enough to impress Prince Charles of Wales? Nope! He became insecure and
started calling her behavior “calculated and choreographed antics.”

Basically, there was no
way for her to impress him, not because she wasn’t capable, but because he
didn’t want to. And Camilla and the family weren’t of much help either.

Of course, we could see
that he was lost, but does that make it okay for him to ruin somebody’s life
like that? Does it make it okay for him to not only disrespect his wife, the
mother of his children, and the future Queen?

Anyway, the honest
depiction of this toxic man is not sitting well with people in the Palace, of
course. Despite the claim that none of the royals watch The Crown, we know that
they’re acutely aware that the whole world is judging them right now.  They know that their despicable doings are out
of the bag and they’ll be held accountable for her death – maybe not the actual
one, but they did murder her spirit and self-worth.

Furthermore, parallels
have been drawn between Princess Diana and Princess Meghan Markel. They were
both loved by the people but somehow the Palace never treated them well.

Prince Williams is
displeased because the show is dragging things from the past that were too
difficult for them to experience either way. But hey, the skeletons you’d
locked in there had to come out someday! Inside sources from the Palace have
confirmed that the Royals are finding this portrayal to be extremely
unpleasant. Apparently, they don’t want people to buy it, as several aspects
have been fictionalized to add controversy.

We will only say one
thing: the audience can’t be fooled so easily. They can easily see which parts
were fictionalized and which were shown as it is. Let’s see what the season 5 holds for us or if there’s gonna be season 5!


Updated November 27, 2020
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