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  • POSTED ON: November 17, 2020

You may have come for Diana, but you’ll
definitely stay for Thatcher!

British drama, The Crown has finally reached the epic era of Princess Diana’s
arrival in the
Royal family
and Margaret Thatcher’s portrayal of ultimate power, who both lift up the
season’s spirit to its best form.

sets in 1979, with the first female
Prime Minister taking over the office, and ends in 1990, amid the chaos that was
crumbling the marriage of the heir to the throne. It’s lustrous and dramatic as
ever, best for a bleak period of the lockdown.

season doesn’t really settle on a low-key groove, but it starts
with violence which constantly slaps the viewers
on their face in the first episodes; but because the focus of attention is so
epic and bombastic, it does settle together with more ease. The coldness and the cruelty that runs in the Royal family, all that resistance to outsiders and the
snobbery has finally come out at the front, while the question of what must be
sacrificed for the sake of service is forever-existing!

Corrin’s debut as Diana is just a wonder! She first appears as an innocent,
youthful, and shy teenager, hiding behind a plant pot. Later, we see her a Blondie
dancing when Charles first calls, having no clue what she has to offer him and
what she’s going to lose. Stepping into Diana’s shoes is not an easy task; she
knew the role was quite demanding, but she pulls it off quite well with the
assistance of Josh O’Connor, who emerges as one of the talented stars of the

Anderson Thatcher steals the show! When Meryl Streep first portrayed Thatcher’s
character, we knew that there won’t be anyone who could justify the character as
well as her. But damn! Gillian Anderson nailed it!

has remarkably pulled off Thatcher’s character with all those icy cool glares,
her postures, and the accent. At some point, it felt like it was the real
Thatcher speaking! 

epic encounters with the Queen (played by Olivia Colman) are the real treats of
this season! They both try to understand each other, attempting to overpower
each other and showing who the real boss is, and dodging the notion of “two
women running the country,” as to how Philip puts it!

is more fun than seeing Thatcher wriggle Princess Margaret’s thumb, and then
instantly begging for pardon, and Margaret scornfully replies that “begging for
anything is common.”

Crown’s struggles with tone and taste continue in this season too. It lacks
grace and consistency. The subtle display of events wasn’t particularly
flattering. At one point there’s Lord Mountbatten’s funeral and the Irish war,
and just after an episode, we flip to Princess Anne’s nerves over an equestrian

isn’t that what makes this saga the best? Switching from one beautiful location
to another felt like an episode of Countryfile
but with an incredible budget. Impressive performances, beautiful locations,
staggering storyline, and goose-bumps-causing dialogues makes it hugely
enjoyable drama, especially when you’re longing for something in these long,
wintery dark nights.

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Updated November 17, 2020
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