The Crown: Shocking Facts and Discoveries about Princess Diana!

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  • POSTED ON: November 4, 2020

The Crown is returning
to Netflix on November 15
th, and this year, it’s going to get dirty.

In the last season, the second series or Netflix drama took fans through the vociferous years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. We
were introduced to new faces, like Olivia Coleman, Helena Bonham Carter, and
Josh O’Connor, who added a unique element to the show with their earnest and
judicious performances.

Although there were
several shocking moments in the previous season, you’ll be shocked to find out
that it was just the tip of the iceberg. The Crown Season 4 Netflix is about to take the tension
to the next level and open the shrouded secrets and wounds of the royal palace.

In season 4 of The Crown on Netflix, the makers
have their hands full as they not only tackle the most infamous chapter of the
lives of the royal family (mainly Princess Diana), but they also bring on-board
the indisputable Margaret Thatcher. The names of these extraordinary women are taken
with utmost esteem to this day, so to go back in time and revisit their zenith
must’ve been a challenge for not just the writers but also the actors in

Gillian Anderson has
stepped in the abdominal shoes of Prime Minister Thatcher whereas The Crown princess Diana, Emma Corrin
has taken the role of the incomparable Diana. 
The trailer shows them both to be breathtakingly promising! Whether it’s
the childish gleam and controlled mannerisms of Diana or the powerful and
pertinent voice of Thatcher, both actresses have nailed their characterization.
We simply can’t wait to see their dynamic with Queen Elizabeth.

What’s the Time Period?

According to sources,
the fourth season will center on the tenure of Prime Minister Margaret
Thatcher. History claims that she held the office from 1979 to 1990, so we can
predict that some of the events that may find a place in the fourth season are
the wedding of Charles and Diana and the births of Prince Harry and Prince

What Can We Expect From Margaret
Thatcher In The New Season?

The trailer gave us one
of the best moments of the entire Crown series alone – Thatcher reminds the
Queen that she is, in fact, her senior. This moment has explained their entire
relationship to us. It would be chess watching these two resilient and
committed women, in a position of power, performing their extraordinary duty.
There’s no dispute that both women had a unique understanding of the world and
both wanted to run the country their own way. Hence, to find the commonality in
an archaically dissimilar pattern of behavior will be a worthy watch!

Did We Just Watch The Crown Season 4 Diana In
Roller Skates?

When Netflix announced
that a complete newcomer would be essaying the role of Princess Diana, we were
concerned. We had several other actresses in our minds that we deemed perfect
for the role. But after watching the trailer of season 4, we’re glad that
Netflix went ahead with their decision. Princess Diana had an aura, a childlike
innocence, and a courageous and worldly treatment that Corrin has encapsulated

The actress has
revealed that the show will unravel many hidden aspects of Princess Diana’s
life – from her mad love for Prince Charles to her contradictions with royalty
and her battle with an eating disorder. We’ll be transported back in time and
witness her miraculous journey from a simple girl living in a flat with friends
to a woman married to the future of the crown.

Is Claire Foy Coming Back?

Yes, Claire Foy will be
making a small appearance in season four! However, it is most likely going to
be in the form of a flashback, because the leaked pictures show us a recreation
of the then-princess’s 21st birthday speech.

What about Princess Margaret?

The last season showed
us how broken and utterly shattered Princess Margaret was with her life. She
couldn’t trust anyone around her – her husband, her sister, not even her
mother. She wanted more from her life, but everyone pressurized her and coerced
her in a stereotypical structure. Even after she proved herself worthy of
responsibility, she was dismissed and treated poorly.

This season, however,
is going to be different. In fact, the ending of the last season was enough to
clarify that, from there on, the relationship between the Queen and Princess
Margaret will be different, more solid. Hence, this season, she will be more of
her confidant than her competition. She’ll also be seen dealing with a serious illness,
all thanks to her self-destructive lifestyle.

All in all, the crown cast and the upcoming season of the show is all set to blow your mind!


Updated November 4, 2020
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