The Ending of Shameless Explained!

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  • POSTED ON: April 13, 2021

The depressing finale of
Shameless has left a lot of people hanging, as the most unexpected thing
happened in it: William H. Macy, who’s been depicting the role of Frank
Gallagher, died in the most horrible way ever. He was all alone in the hospital
as his dementia and covid-19 results caught up with him.

Look, we all knew that one day
or another, this day would come, but it would happen at such a depressing time
and the reaction of the family just doesn’t sit well. It will take some time
for the pain to heal.

In the opening sequence, you
had the entire Gallagher family gathered around the dying Frank. Liam claims
that it was a suicide attempt, while others believe that he will somehow get
out of it and be back on track in a few days. For the kids, it’s just another
day – nothing out of the blue or shocking.

It was saddening to see Frank
in his dementia-riddled state – he couldn’t even articulate his thoughts or
explain what he was going through. Even in his regular condition, he is unable
to grasp social cues and is a waste of space.

Many would’ve predicted in the
first season that Frank would face a death alone in the hospital with no one by
his side, and the creatives of the show made sure that they followed it
through. The impact of covid was probably just as add-on to show how the
low-income communities got effected by lack of resources and capital.

We’ve been told that the second
half of the series finale was written after the lockdown, and so, we can assume
that the storyline of the pandemic was added much later and that the original
ending was a bit different. The family lived in the south side of Chicago and
the writers felt that it was of utmost importance to show the life of people
who’re living just above the line of poverty.

The ending was open-ended, so
we don’t really know what happened with the rest of the characters. It seems to
have indicated a happy ending for the rest of the characters— a new beginning,
at least. The Gallaghers reunited with their elder sisters at the Alibi and
were completely unaware and unbothered about their father’s passing. They
united to celebrate Ian and Mickey’s wedding anniversary, but there were
several questions that were unanswered. For instance, we don’t know if Lip
bought the Gallagher house or not, or if Kevin and Veronica sold their bar and
moved to Louisville.

The ending seems right, because
we can now see Lip as the new patriarch of the crazy family. Some would like to
believe that Ian and Mickey adopted a kid and raised him in a not-so-crazy

It would’ve been better had
Emmy Rossum made the cameo appearance in the finale. She left the show in
season 9, after which no one ever bothered to even take her name in the
storylines – as if she had never existed. You would assume that there were some
issues behind the scenes. However, Emmy couldn’t appear in the finale as she
got stuck due to coronavirus restrictions.

Anyway, we hope that you liked
the ending of this fan favorite series. We’re definitely going to miss the dysfunctional

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Updated April 13, 2021
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