The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Is Delayed and We’re Officially Sad

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: July 20, 2020

When Captain America
retired, we all had tears in our eyes, but we also had something to look forward to
because he forwarded his shield to Falcon – his most trusted. We were elated to
see what’s next for Marvel. And you know what’s next? More waiting.

If the original plans
had fallen into place, we’d be getting
and the Winter Soldier
this August but the pandemic has
barged in and ruined all our plans just because it can.

The delay is obviously
due to the pause that was forced on the production back in May. For now, Disney
has no premiere date or any other information to share but here’s hoping that we
kick the Coronavirus in the butt and get our favorite superheroes back on
screen as soon as possible.

If the rumors are to be
believed, then the series was supposed to pick up from where Avengers: Endgame
left off. Steve Rogers had retired after spending whole life with Carter in
an alternate timeline and Sam Wilson was handed the shield – indicating that
he would take his place.

You know what’s even
sadder? We don’t even have a proper trailer for the show – just a teaser that
was revealed during

back in February. It really feels like a lifetime has passed since then. The
teaser was truly fantastic, though! It showed Wandavision and Loki, Bucky
reuniting with Zemo, and Sam practicing the shield.

The Falcon and the
Winter Soldier is not the only series postponed due to the pandemic. Other
major plans of Marvel have also been delayed, like the theatrical release of
Widow and The Eternals
. Obviously, the release of all the
other shows will be impacted so let’s not get our hopes up.

While you wait, you can plan to watch Captain
America: The Winter Soldier
and eat large pints of ice-cream
to swallow the sufferance. It’s available on Amazon, just in case you wanted to
know and make it a group thing. You may also read
Falcon on Kindle
because when it comes to feeling the
feels it’s better to get it all out!


Updated July 20, 2020
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