The Final Words between Richard Ramirez and Anastasia Hronas (Night Stalker)!

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It’s been a week since Netflix’s four-part documentary “Night Stalker: The Hunt of a Serial Killer” dropped on Netflix and viewers are
already addicted to it. It was not because of how vicious this killer was, but
because how bravely his survivors fought back and brought him to justice.

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Richard Ramirez was one of the most ruthless and notorious
serial killers in American history, who terrorized Los Angeles residents from
July 1984 until his arrest on August 31st, 1985.

Ramirez pleaded not guilty at the hearing to 68 felony counts, including more than a dozen murder charges. He was eventually found guilty.

It must be a terrifying time to live in a city where a
ruthless killer is on the loose, who picked his victims at random, deciding who
lives and who dies. During the reign of his terror in the city, people didn’t even
feel safe within their own home boundaries. He broke into the houses in the
middle of the night, killed men, raped women, stole valuables, abducted
children in their sleep and sexually assaulted them. His victims are women, men
and children from age six to 83.

One of the Night Stalker’s survivors, Anastasia Hronas, has
recounted the tormenting details of her assault in the latest Docu-series. She
talks about how Richard Ramirez abducted her when she was six and sexually
assaulted her.

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Here is everything you need to know about Anastasia’s story,
final words between them and how she had taken down her rapist and serial

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Warning: Details of sexual assault and rape ahead

Richard Ramirez kidnapped and assaulted a six-year-old Hronas while she was sleeping

Richard Ramirez was the Los Angeles area serial killer known as the "Night Stalker".

On one ill-fated night, Hronas was tucked in for sleep by
her parents when Richard Ramirez entered her room by the window in the middle
of the night in February 1985. As she speaks in the documentary series on
Netflix, Anastasia Hronas remembers she was being carried out of the window by
Richard Ramirez. She says that she was in a half-sleep state and thought that
the killer was “familiar,” so she went with Ramirez without making any noise.

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He carried her to the car and commanded her to take out the
gun in the glove compartment. He said to her, “Just so you know, that’s there.”
Anastasia says it was that moment when he wanted her “to look at him and touch

Ramirez drove her across Los Angeles to an abandoned home.
She remembers arriving at a place where she could hear the barking dogs. “We
had to walk through a room with a couch, and everything was dark and kinda
dingy, the windows were covered with drapes that made it dark and, I don’t
know, slimy,” the survivor said.

The killer asked her to step into a duffle bag so that he
could zip her and carry her inside the house without anyone noticing. The
survivor then recalls everything when the brutal Night Stalker sexually
assaulted her.

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Once inside, Ramirez unzipped the bag, took her out and
raped her repeatedly. She says that she begged her to stop, saying that it was
hurting, but he continued what he decided to do. She even asked him that she
wanted to go to the bathroom so that the pain could stop for a while. So, he
took her to the bathroom, placed her on the sink and brought her back to carry
on the assault.

Anastasia recounts that she felt some kind of guilt in his
eyes as if he knew that what he was doing was wrong and he was apologetic, but
he still continued. After finishing, he put her back in the bag and drove to a
nearby gas station. He dropped her off there and instructed her to go inside
and make someone to call the police for help. He wanted her to go back home to
her parents safely. Till this day, 41-year-old Anastasia wondered what drove
him to spare her life and easily let her go.

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Later the incident, Hronas helped police identify Ramirez
from a lineup when was apprehended in August 1986. Detective Frank Salerno
praised Hronas’s bravery and said, “For six-years-old, she was just unbelievable!”

Hronas knew that Ramirez couldn’t expect a six-year-old to
stand as a witness against her; she felt even more confident. She recalls that
Ramirez was standing 2nd in the lineup, where police made them repeat phrases
like “where’s the money? “Shut up bitch,” and “where the jewelry is?” that can
help her identify the killer.

When police asked the witnesses regarding any further
questions, Gil Carrillo, a second lead detective on the case recounts, “Her
little hand went up. I said ‘what is it, sweetheart?’ and she said, ‘do I write
the word two, or the number two?”

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If it wasn’t for her bravery and courage, police wouldn’t be
able to catch Ramirez and bring to the justice. Hronas also decided to testify
against him in the court but was refused, considering her tender age and the
fact that she will have to face him again in the court. Carrillo recalls his
visit at Hronas’s home, stating that she was crying and wanted to testify in
court “if it means keeping him locked up so he can’t hurt any other girls as he
hurt me.”

If this makes you more curious and if you haven’t watched
the docu-series yet, check out the trailer here:

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