The Hidden Cause of Bert Belasco’s Mysterious Death!

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Bert Belasco,
star of BET’s sitcom “Let’s Stay Together” and actor in sports drama
series “Pitch” found dead in his hotel room at the age of 38, confirmed
on Monday by the Henrico County police.

The actor mysteriously found dead in his hotel room
in Virginia

According to
his father, Belasco was in Virginia, quarantining in a hotel due to coronavirus pandemic before going on
set for the filming of his upcoming movie when his girlfriend and friends
couldn’t contact him. They asked local police officers to conduct a usual
check, where Belasco was found dead at the spot.

are still investigating the case with the help of medical examiners in order to
figure the cause of Bert’s death, though they claimed that the situations of
the case do not seem doubtful, as per the police.

staff, who had received a call to check on Mr. Belasco’s welfare when family
and friends could not reach him, called the Division’s Emergency Communication
Center at 2:52 a.m.,” police said in a statement.

It was
reported that the hotel staff found blood on the sheets where the actor was
found dead, according to TMZ.

Bert Belasco’s Death: A short glimpse on the Belasco’s acting career

Bert Belasco, 'Let's Stay Together' and 'The Mick' star, dead at 38 – Smart  Robotics

Source: BTS from ‘Lets Stay Together’

Born in South
Carolina, Belasco received Southern Illinois University’s theatre degree, after
which he participated at Chicago’s Second City improv theatre for a short

In 2007, Bert
appeared in episodic TV series including “Justified” after which he
grabbed a major role of Charles Whitmore working beside Nadine Ellis on
“Let’s Stay Together,” for four seasons.

Having 21
acting credits, Bert also starred in “The Soul Man,” “key &
Peele,” and “NCIS: New Orleans”, “The Mick.” And “Superstore”.

Bert also
acted in the “Pitch,” a baseball drama, at Fox in 2016, starring
Kylie Bunbury. He also appeared on “I’m Dying Up Here”, the Showtime
comedy-club drama in 2018.

The news of
the unexpected passing of the young star left everyone devastated and
surprised. Fellow actors and friends started pouring in their condolences and
respect after hearing the news.

at the passing of Bert Belasco- a talented, kind young man who I had the
pleasuring of working with numerous times on #LetsStayTogether,” said co-star
Jackee Harry on Twitter. “Squeeze your loved ones right! Tomorrow is never

Yvette Nicole
Brown, Belasco’s close friend and actor, also tweeted a photo with him and
wrote, “This is me and my dear friend #BertBelasco who just passed away at 38.
No day is promised. Please let the ones you love KNOW that you love them today,
right now. Any moment could be your last. #RIP you dear, kind, gentle man.”

Alleged death due to Aneurysm

Bert Belasco, Who Starred in BET's Let's Stay Together, Dead at 38

Source: Yahoo News

The cause of
his death is still unclear. Belasco’s father believes he died of an
aneurysm but the family is waiting for an
autopsy report to officially confirm the cause of his sudden passing.

No official
cause of his death has been announced yet. However, there was blood found in
the sheets at the time of his death, which his father assumes that he had an

An aneurysm
is an enlargement of the artery, which is usually caused by the weakness in the
arterial wall. It is an open bulging that is connected to a bubble produced by
an unusual, vulnerable spot on a weak blood vessel wall.

Aneurysms may
be a result of a genetic condition. It can also evolve from a simple nidus,
which eventually gives rise to the clot formation, thrombosis and

Mostly, the
condition does not show any major symptoms, but a ruptured aneurysm can cause
fatal complications. But if the patient is on a critical stage, a ruptured
aneurysm can result in life-threatening internal bleeding.

The blood
found on Belasco’s bedsheet indicates the critical case of Aneurysm. Though,
the medical examiners are yet to confirm the cause of his death.

Over 25000
deaths are reported each year in the United States because of aortic Aneurysm,
according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And around
30000 brain aneurysms cases are reported in the US each year, to which about
40% of these conditions result in death in just 24 hours.

While he
mostly worked on screen in different TV-movies and supporting characters on
television series including “Justified,” the part of Belasco’s early work that
people are mostly known him for is a Super Bowl commercial from 2010.

He appeared
in a Snickers advertisement alongside beloved actress Betty White playing
football with some friends. Belasco portrayed the role of a man who seems to be
a visibly upset White.

In a
commercial, he said to his friend, “Mike, you’re playing like Betty White
today,” He then showed him “Mike: a Snickers. The USA Today Ad Meter Poll
ranked this ad as the No.1 commercial of the 2010 Super Bowl.

Rest in peace
Bet Belasco!

Updated November 10, 2020
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