The Internet’s Best Memes/Reactions to Supernatural Series Finale

  • POSTED ON: November 20, 2020

On Thursday night,
Supernatural ended its tenure after marvelous 15 years! The series finale,
Carry On, was directed by Robert Singer and the script was written by Andrew
Dabb. And hold your breath – Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) met his ultimate
end with his beloved brother, Sam (Jared Padalecki), by his side.

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The episode opened up
with the brothers going about their usual morning routine; eating breakfast,
wiping their guns, you know the regular chores. The brothers were searching for
any supernatural activity in the area but had no signal sent their way.

Hence, the brothers
decided to use this free time to attend the event called Pie Fest. Dean, for
some reason, feels that he was meant to attend this event; meanwhile, Sam is
feeling overwhelmed after the loss of his close friends Castiel (Misha Collins)
and Jack (Alexander Calvert). Dean has recently come out of the celestial void
which is known as The Empty.

Obviously, Dean is also
in terrible pain (because of Castiel’s death), but he’s satisfied because his
brother (the only true love of his life) is safe. He urges Sam to keep on with
his life and consider it a chance, a gift – that’s exactly what Cas would want,

However, their
happiness just can’t last forever like other shows. They quickly come across a new case of
kidnapping, where a man and his kids have gone missing. After forming the
entire profile, they come to the realization that the suspects are men in skull
masks, called Agents Kripke and Singer (an ode to showrunners Eric Kripke and
Robert Singer). As soon as they arrive on the scene, they recognize the men in
masks: they are a pair of vampires and the brothers eventually take care of

After shooting the
vampires, the brothers find out about the crime of the episode that includes the kidnapping of the children. This is when Dean finds out the leader of the nest
is Jenny – this was the young woman who was forcefully turned into a vampire
back in season 1.

Anyway, after strong
combat and defense, the vampires meet their eventual ends and Dean is also
wounded and immobilized. This is when the tears start rolling, as we realize
what is happening. Dean reassures his heartbroken brother and says, “You knew it
was going to end like this for me. We had one hell of a ride.”

This is when Sam
promises that he would do anything to bring him back from the other side and
will not let him die like this. Dean declines the offer and tells Sam that he’s
incredibly proud of him and has always admired his strength. He also takes this
time to reveal that the night he came to meet Sam at Stanford University, he
almost didn’t pursue him as he feared that Sam would reject his offer for a

Dean ends this moment
by telling Sam to go on with his life and passes away. He goes to Heaven and is
reunited with Bobby, who reveals that Jack fixed everything up here in Heaven.
Soon, he finds out that his parents are also nearby and awaiting the reunion.

Dean finds his Impala
in Heaven, too (thank God for that!) And Sam, on the other side, is mourning
his death and giving him a hunter’s funeral. He soon begins his life and
follows his brother’s advice. A few scenes later, we find out that Sam names
his son after his late brother and when the time comes, he dies, only to be
reunited with his brother in Heaven.

The show debuted in
2005 and has a record for the longest-running fantasy series in the history of
American television,hence the title “Carry On”.

His fans consider this
show to be an institution, a religion, and a lifestyle. When the showrunners
announced that season 15 will be the last, there was a major uproar from every
corner of the world, as it has global stardom. Even
though we all hoped for the series to outlast us, the news of its end wasn’t
entirely a shock. We knew it was coming.

Anyway, as a tribute to
the show and the reaction to the final episode, fans went wild on literally all
social media platforms last night. And the following are some of the best memes and top reactions:

Updated November 20, 2020
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