The Irregulars: Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need To Know

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  • POSTED ON: March 27, 2021

interesting is happening at 221B Baker Street – somebody alert Sherlock Holmes!
Apparently, there are a bunch of scruffy street urchins that have figured out
how to save a bad day.

you confused? Well, we’re talking about The Irregulars, a Netflix series with
the most original take on the sharpest fictional mind in history. There have
been several movies and TV series in the past that have given their version of
this iconic character – Elementary, Sherlock Holmes (BBC series and movies) and
even Enola Holmes. But how is The Irregulars different? You need to catch its
first season to find that out for yourself!

very little known about The Irregulars Season 2, but we know that there is
going to be one and we’re very excited about it. You can hence tweed on your
favorite blazer and grab a pipe to pose like the most eccentric detective in

renewal is most likely going to be confirmed by the end of April (it’s going to
be positive, we’re certain) and the series might come out by 2022 (the waiting
will be tough).

if things go as planned, the cast will return to play the key roles. The cast
includes Thaddea Graham, Darci Shaw, Jojo Macari, McKell David, Harrison
Osterfield, and Royce Pierreson. We don’t know anything about Henry Lloyd-Hughes
as of yet, because at the end of season one, Sherlock got sucked into an
inter-dimensional void. Everyone else in the series thinks that he is dead, but
maybe someone can go and rescue him from whatever reality he is in? We can’t be
so sure.

first season of The Irregulars ended with The Rip, so it doesn’t exactly end
with Sherlock and his time in Purgatory. Oh, and Jessie’s mother is also there
who also returned from that strange part of the world/ reality.

you’ve seen the finale, you’d know that Jessie fails to cease The Rip and,
because of that, all supernatural shenanigans entered this reality. Although
everything goes back to normal, the demons and monsters start appearing and the
experience changes forever.

the end, we’re told that Leopold must travel to Europe and get married to a royal
– so, guess what? He leaves behind Bea, but not before expressing his love to

“I don’t just like you, Bea. I’m
completely in love with you — so as you see, it’s quite the problem.”

the couple shares a sad goodbye and Bea gets him fish and chips in a typical
British fashion. It looks like everyone faced a sense of loss in the finale,
because it wasn’t just this farewell but also the fact that Sherlock
(apparently) died. They all mourn his death, especially Watson!

Bea understands Watson’s pain, she tells him about Leopold’s goodbye and that
they both lost two beautiful souls. We’re sure that Watson and the Irregulars
will continue working together – hopefully, in a more open and reliable way.
After everything that they’ve been through, this is the last thing that they
should expect, no manipulation of any sorts.

know that The Irregulars are moralistic and they want to protect the people of
London, and they can do that in ways Sherlock couldn’t.

would like to see new cases and a surprise comeback from Leopold wouldn’t be
bad either. It could benefit the series with the romantic angle – possibly a
love triangle of him, Billy, and Bea?

there’s no news regarding Netflix’s new supernatural ten series as of late, but we know that once the production becomes active, a
footage will be out soon. You can watch the first season on Netflix! Also, do
like our page on Facebook as we bring to you entertainment news from around the

we’ll let you know the details regarding the release date (if it’s not the same
as we predicted earlier) as well as the plot and cast changes. Let us know your
thoughts on this supernatural teen series! 

Updated March 27, 2021
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