The Last of Us is Getting Its Own TV Show

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  • POSTED ON: March 6, 2020

If you like Netflix’s The Witcher, then we have some good news for you. Another game is being developed into a TV show, and this time, it has been picked by HBO. The adaptation of The Last of Us is being undertaken by the channel and do you want to know the best part? The writer and creative director of the game, Neil Druckmann is assisting the writing and executive producer as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Exciting, isn’t it? 

Source: Collider

The adaptation is being led by Craig Mazin, who created the masterpiece, Chernobyl, so we have high expectations. The fact that The Last of Us is a game based on a post-apocalyptic world makes Mazin the best option to lead the team. HBO’s Carolyn Strauss and the president of Naughty Dog, Evan Wells will also be on the team of executive producers.

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Sony Pictures is co-producing the show with HBO, making it the first TV show series picked up by the PlayStation Production studio.

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The plot revolves around a grizzle smuggler named Joel who is protecting a young girl named Ellie. It features their adventures into the country affected by fungal zombies who have finished mankind, and the duo has to survive all the supernatural challenges and deal with their own human emotions. The Hollywood Reporter also points to the possibility of getting a TV sequel based on The Last of Us Part II. 

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The game was an instant hit for Sony as it was popular among the audiences because of its attractive plot line. The characters were also appreciated, and while a film was underway, it got stuck somewhere in the development stages in 2016.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

So we really hope that Mazin and Neil Druckmann work their magic and give us the best of both worlds. Mazin already said that he’s a fan of the games and praised Druckmann stating, “Neil Druckmann is without question the finest storyteller working in the video game medium, and The Last of Us is his magnum opus. Getting a chance to adapt this breathtaking work of art has been a dream of mine for years, and I’m so honored to do it in partnership with Neil.”

Updated March 6, 2020
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