The Midnight Sky| Five Shocking Details to Know Before You Watch It!

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  • POSTED ON: December 13, 2020

Grandmothers, mothers,
and your girlfriends alike are in love with George Clooney, and in The Midnight
Sky, he is seen cutting his own hair with an infomercial vacuum cleaner clipper,
so it’s safe to say that girls will be melting all over his unique tactics. And
hey, this is not it, continue to read on as we reveal five shocking details of
this sci-fi calamity!

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The Spectacular Cast

Okay so if that reason
alone is not enough for you to convince that you must watch that movie at least
once, then you should know that Felicity Jones, David Oyelowo, Kyle Chandler and Tiffany Boone will be seen in the movie alongside him. Yeah… you don’t want to
miss that.

So The Midnight Sky is
an upcoming 2020 movie that is based in a post-apocalyptic era in which Clooney
is a lonely scientist with in an Arctic and doing his best to prevent a team of
astronauts that is returning to Earth.

Clooney Acted Sub-Zero

Do you know that
Clooney shot several scenes for this movie in a real-life arctic storm? Clooney
admitted that a couple of scenes were in fact shot in sub-zero conditions in
Iceland! Apparently, his eyelashes used to freeze together after every few minutes
and the crew would have to utilize hair dryer so they could be thawed.

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Look, we know how
dedicated George Clooney is to his work, but this is a little too extreme. But
again, he doesn’t have two Oscars in his hands for nothing. The man is truly
inspirational when it comes to his work ethic and devotion to his craft.  

Mishmash of

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Coming back to the
movie, The Midnight Sky is based on a book written by Lily Brooks-Dalton. It
seems like the storyline was designed for a big-budgeted Hollywood movie. Like,
think about it – You have George Clooney who won a completely new fan base
after doing Gravity. But this is where the filmmakers go wrong.

It feels like the movie
was shot with Interstellar and Ad Astra in mind, and somewhere along the way,
they got excited by the idea of The Road and Children of Men, and just because
everything else seemed right to them at the time, they decided to add elements of The Martian as well.
Look, you can’t make a good film by using old formulas. If you start making a
movie to give superficial flashbacks of old blockbusters, you’re going to have
more food in your mouth than you can chew.  

Directorial Disaster

In all fairness, The
Midnight Sky is a misfire and it doesn’t do justice to the amount of talent in
the film. And we must mention that Clooney could’ve done better at
direction – it seemed cold and insincere. Something was clearly off – the script
was pitched magnificently and the cast seemed up for the challenge but the movie as a whole fell flat on face.

If you think
about it, not all shots were missed. The scenes that were shot in the Arctic
were impressive and technically sterling. It’s unfortunate that by the time we
get there, we lose the plot. There were several sequences where sadly the
intelligence of the viewers was questioned. The director possibly got caught up
between realism and fictitious drama.

Another problem that
was found in the screenplay was the lack of motivation – there was not even a
single moment in the entire movie where we felt that Augustine was committed to
his task. Everything was stretched and characters kept interrupting each other’s
graph. The flashbacks failed to make any impact, hence failing to build an
emotional connect with the audience. In fact, the melodrama seemed forced and
manipulative from the director’s end.   

Clooney had an incredible chemistry with Springall so its unfortunate
that she was only there to make his character look good. Somewhere we feel that
the quiet moments could’ve connected with the audience if only the background
score wasn’t so aggressive and placed inorganically.

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Made for Theatres

The action that took
place in space was marvelous to watch and we feel that maybe our perception
could’ve been different had we seen this movie in theatres. What do you think?

Anyway, let’s just say
that one of the key reasons that we are so disappointed with the movie is
George Clooney – and not because the movie is poorly executed but because we expect
so much from him. In the end, we must congratulate Clooney on his effort knowing that nothing could’ve saved this weightless space drama.

It’s sad to see George
Clooney’s Netflix Sci-Fi thriller bomb so poorly – it was honestly George Clooney’s Oscar-bait Sci-fi than nightmares. Check out the trailer below, it looked so promising! 

The movie will be
available on Netflix on the 23
rd of December. So be ready to celebrate your December Global Holidays with some added fun and relaxation!



Updated December 13, 2020
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