The most Emotional moments for Emma Corrin while performing Diana in The Crown

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Prepare yourself for a magnificent royal roller coaster ride, as this month The Crown is returning to our TV screens, after a lackluster The Crown Season 3!

The first trailer of Netflix’s award-winning drama ‘The Crown’ features Princess Diana and Prince Charles, leaving the fans excited and thrilled at the same time.

There is probably an irony in the experience of portraying the role of Diana, Princess of Wales, for her much-anticipated debut in the upcoming The Crown Season 4.

Considering the on-screen persona of one of the most photographed and iconic personalities of the last century has put The Crown Diana actress Emma Corrin at the center of the media limelight.

The 24-year-old British model-turned-actor, The Crown Diana Emma Corrin, expressed mixed emotions while portraying the role of forever-admired royal personality Princess Diana.

“It’s more and more strange as it gets closer to it. I’m very scared of losing my anonymity,” Corrin said in an interview. “I think I have very much taken it for granted up until this point and maybe thought of fame and being in the public eye as quite a fun, silly thing that would accompany this amazing job that I’m very lucky to have.”

The portrayal reflects the life of Diana, who lived in the midst of ever-growing chaos that influenced her relationship and eventually to her unfortunate marriage to Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son and heir to the throne.

Mostly, Corrin expressed that she’s “mournful, I suppose, of the fact that now I’m photographed when I leave my house. It’s a very strange relinquishing of one’s freedom in a very bizarre way and I have great sympathy for Diana.”

So far in three seasons, Screenwriter Peter Morgan has been offering it’s audience his perspective of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, illustrating a fictional portrayal of the real personalities and occasions that have been known, or remained hidden, from the history of the House of Windsor. 

Along with other things, The Crown season 4 kicks off the drama into the era of Diana’s entrance in the Royal Family. The journey follows a young, innocent and beautiful woman falling and ultimately marrying her prince in 1981, and when she struggled with Bulimia, her husband’s extra-marital relationship with Camila Parker Bowles and her crumbled marriage on the day when she wed as “the stuff of which fairytales are made.”

Crown star Emma Corrin age played a big role in depicting her emotional moments and said that she was “beyond excited and honored” to play the role, she expressed her emotion in a tweet that time.

From the look of the Diana-centric trailer, we can assume that Diana will be introduced much earlier in the season and will be featured prominently throughout.

However, Corrin hinted that the teenage Diana we will see at the very beginning of the season is very different from the one we meet after 10 episodes into the vociferous drama.

Emma Corrin’s movies and TV shows are well-known and obviously, portraying Diana wasn’t that easy. Corrin had to do a lot, including practicing the perfect accent, style-walking and everything to come closer to what Diana looked like back in those days. But from the head-tilting era of ‘Shy Di’ hiding under her iconic fringes to all the dazzling outfits of the late Eighties and ‘Dynasty-Di,’ she reflects the princess style quite impressively!

From the head-over-heels loyal romance to the ugly breakup, here are the most emotional moments for Emma Corrin Diana while capturing Diana in the upcoming season of The Crown:

An Ingenue- Diana!

Debuting as a nursery school assistant and royal girlfriend lady Diana Spencer (Emma Corrin). She was barely 19 years old when she started dating Prince Charles in 1980. Corrin perfectly captures the head-tilting era of Shy Di as seen in the original picture of Diana, captured in 1981.

“I love the Diana we meet at the beginning for so many reasons…. This is the Daina no one knows about. We all know what she was like when she was older, there’s so much, too much footage of her. So I was really charmed by getting to know younger Diana,” Corrin said.

Icon of the public eye

The iconic romance between Charles and the beautiful lady Diana captures people’s attention and imagination at the same time, which means that the bunch of photographers will be seen outside her Earls Court home. 

Exactly how it had been in her real life…

Taking on the role was: incredibly” daunting for Corrin.

“You can get really bogged down in people’s impressions of her,” Corrin said.

“Also, when I started researching her, all the biographies out there, all the documentaries… it’s just other people’s opinions of her and a lot of facts and a lot of speculations and it… doesn’t really give you a lot to go on apart from ‘poor Diana to be subject to all this publicity.”

The head-over-heels Royal Romance

Charles (portrayed by Josh O’Connor) mostly unaware of the feelings of what being ‘in love’ actually means, Corrin had a tender look in her eyes exactly like Diana had in those blossoming Royal romance before the marriage. 

Princess Diana in a surprisingly similar outfit, alongside Charles, to watch him play polo in 1981. 

The Royal Marriage

Diana wasn’t a shy bride but definitely a nervous one. She took her vows in a 25ft tail bridal dress and in front of 250 million eyes behind the television. 

Diana is the dazzling white gown on her wedding day! 

The Queen of Eighties Fashion!

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Corrin in the strikingly similar outfits in The Crown season.. 

The devastating Marriage Split

The on-screen happy royal couple was not always happy behind the public image. Affected by the eating disorder bulimia and her husband’s extramarital affair with Camilla, the fairytale marriage was slowly crumbling towards the devastating end.

According to Carolyn Harris, a Toronto-based royal author and historian, “One of the biggest challenges for an actor assuming the role of Diana, Princess of Wales, is that the collapse of her marriage and her untimely death is so well-known that it would be tempting to portray her as a tragic figure throughout her life, foreshadowing events to come.”

The Crown season four is scheduled to drop on Netflix on Sunday 15 November 2020. Have you followed Emma Corrin Instagram already?

Updated November 11, 2020
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