‘The Office’: How The Cast Celebrated New Year’s Eve After Leaving Netflix

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  • POSTED ON: January 1, 2021

The most terrible nightmare has come to life: The Office is being taken off from Netflix. Starting on January 1st, we no longer will be able to watch our favorite paper company employees on the streaming service. This means no more binge-watching the show or putting on the best New Year’s Eve episodes on Netflix to watch it for the 100th time. This is what we imagined our darkest days would look like.

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Why is the Office leaving Netflix: Movies?

While it came as a shock for most of us, it was bound to happen. This is because Netflix has to license shows and movies that aren’t its originals. So, it was just a matter of time before its license with NBC expired and the show had to be taken down.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t ever be able to stream your all-time favorite show. Fortunately for you, the Office is going to another streaming website called the Peacock. It’s NBC’s own streaming platform, so it makes complete sense that the show ended up there.

Along with tons of other series, you’ll be able to watch the flagship sitcom pretty easily. You won’t even have to worry about getting another subscription because Peacock’s most basic account is totally free.

Amidst this intense streaming war, you’ll be happy to hear that the cast of the show is totally unbothered and enjoying their lives to the fullest. It is evident in the way they all celebrated New Year’s Eve. Take a glimpse at their lives with us.

Mindy Kaling

It has been more than seven years since the last season of the Office, and Mindy has been busy making a mark on Hollywood after that. Her amazing show ‘The Mindy Project’ aired in 2012 and she also appeared in the movie Ocean’s Eight. Moreover, she produced and co-created a hit Netflix series called ‘Never Have I Ever.’

While her professional life has been very successful, her personal life has also been very rewarding. In 2017, she gave birth to her daughter, Kathleen and in 2020, she welcomed her baby boy Spencer.

On December 31st, Mindy took to Twitter and talked about her New Year’s Eve plans, or the lack of plans to be accurate. She said, “Someone just asked me if I have any new year plans and I almost threw up”. We appreciate Mindy for not giving in to temptations and staying home and safe on this day.

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Craig Robinson

After bidding farewell to Darryl, Craig Robinson took on roles in several movies and shows including This is the End, Sausage Party, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The actor also co-starred in a recent drama called Dolemite Is My Name, he also lends his voice to a character in Dolittle.

According to his Twitter account, Robinson spends his New Year’s Eve hosting a New Year’s Eve special transmission on FOX. He along with the Nasty Delicious welcomes 2021 on the channel with a fun and light toast and roast.

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Ellie Kemper

You’re asking what Ellie Kemper has been up to since the final season of the Office? Oh nothing special, just starring in her own Netflix show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Besides that, the actress has been just doing blockbuster films such as Bridesmaids and lending her voice to everyone’s favorite princess, Sofia the First.

Ellie also wrote a book called My Squirrel Days, which is full of laughs autobiography. The comedian is married to Michael Koman and gave birth to their second son, Matthew.

From the looks of her Instagram, the actress had a relaxing night on New Year’s Eve. She posted a selfie on her social media account, in which she’s wearing a white bathrobe with a towel wrapped around her head. The caption of the picture says, “To my showers of 2020: You were few, but you were powerful.” Well, we can all relate to her post.

B.J Novak

Ryan from the Office is doing pretty well for himself since the show ended. In 2016, he made appearances on The Newsroom, The Mindy Project, and The Founder. Soon after the Office, the actor wrote a book of short stories which quickly became one of the New York Times Bestsellers.

He then releases a children’s book called The Book With No Pictures. Besides writing, he has also been busing working on films. He was working on a horror film called Vengeance but unfortunately, its production was paused because of the pandemic.

Novak also enjoyed a night in on New Year’s Eve. Instead of taking a relaxing shower like Kemper, he spends the night watching Netflix. He also recommended his followers to watch ‘The Founder.’

Angela Kinsey

After the Office, Angela Kinsey appeared on Netflix show Never Have I Ever and she also hosted her own cooking show on Disney + called Be Our Chef. In 2019, she took on an exciting project in which she teamed up with the Office co-star Jenna Fischer and they did a podcast show called Office Ladies. Every week, the two women would watch an episode of the show and share their memories from the time of the shooting. They welcomed special guests as well.

The actress celebrated New Year’s Eve at home with her family. They played Pictionary Air and watched the ball drop on TV. Kinsey uploaded pictures with her family on her Instagram stories. We took some screenshots just for you.

This is how some of the Office’s cast members celebrated New Year’s Eve after leaving Netflix.

Not everyone has a social media presence, so we don’t know what the remaining of our favorite characters did to welcome 2021. Well, whatever they did, we hope they had a great time and we wish them all the best with their future endeavors. We want to keep seeing them on our screens.

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Updated January 1, 2021
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