The True Story Behind The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies

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  • POSTED ON: August 18, 2020

Lost Honor of Christopher Jefferies is a critically acclaimed drama series – it
has won two BAFTA awards already! This ITV drama has sparked conversation on an
extremely significant and relevant topic and that is how the criminal cases
are reported in the media.

you missed watching the show when it first aired in 2014, you are lucky because
you can now catch it on the channel as they’re televising the two-part show
once again! The show has Jason Watkins in the lead as he plays the role of
Christopher Jefferies. He won a BAFTA for this role! However, the actual
question is what inspired this show? Continue reading to find out!

drama is a true story of Christopher Jefferies’ who was wrongly accused of
murdering Joanna Yeates – his tenant back in 2010. This case got the attention of
the media and dominated headlines on national newspapers. In fact, this case is
remembered as the one that went on to become Avon and Somerset Constabulary’s
largest police operations!

show has focused more on the fallout of Christopher’s arrest and the storm that
was caused by irresponsible media. The media was absolutely ruthless and
unabashedly spoke about his personal life and tore apart all his image and
reputation – even though he was accused falsely!

he was released without any charges, it was hard to get back to normalcy. Of
course, how can you expect your life to be normal once it headlines all the
newspapers? Anyway, he received financial compensation for all the damages
along with made up apologies.

his show was being created, he was uncomfortable. While speaking to Radio
Times, he said that he went to the show set which was his flat and the outside street was recreated and they had like 13 takes. His arrest in the show was exactly like how it actually happened so he was really uncomfortable watching Jason in that particular scene.

lived in the same apartment building as Christopher and operated as a landscape architect. However, the lady was murdered brutally in December 2010. Vincent Tabak, her next
door neighbor finally pleaded guilty of manslaughter in the 2011. He was given
a life sentence.

from Watkins, you’ll find Shaun Parkes, Ben Caplan and Anna Maxwell Martin playing
central roles in this thrilling drama.

Updated August 18, 2020
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