The Two Biggest Fumbles of the Emmys 2020

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: September 24, 2020

In a live broadcasting event going on for hours, it’s inevitable that something is bound to fall by the wayside. And Emmy’s 2020 event is the best example of that! 

The 2020 Emmys held on 20th September in an entirely new virtual fashion, with interns handing over awards, celebs at home were shown among the “crowd”, and Jimmy Kimmel standing alone and delivering his opening monologue speech in an arena to the empty chairs due to pandemic protocols. 

Worth to mention, in 2020 Emmys on Sept. 20, Jimmy Kimmel set the new benchmark of sarcasm with his opening monologue speech – this dude literally nailed it!

Obviously, with such compromises and restrictions, the night didn’t have that charm of an event happened in pre-coronavirus days, but being choosy, we’ve rounded up the list of the things, went haywire throughout the evening:

Jennifer Anniston smothers the ‘actual’ fire!!


We knew that the night would be ‘hot’, considering the temperature and the hot celebs, but we haven’t thought that it would be this much literal…

Jennifer Anniston took the stage with Jimmy Kimmel to co-host. They took the envelopes with the winner’s name on it, wiped it down, sanitized it and threw it in a trash can to let it burn in order to sterilize properly. Unfortunately, the fire started raging and Jennifer had to put it off with an extinguisher. But the flames kept coming back, to which someone from the management had to shout, “Put it Off!”

Thankfully, the night ended well…

Jason Bateman, an accident winner of the night!

Source: ABCnews

All the nominees participated in the event via remotely. No matter how efficient your network would have been, miscommunication is bound to happen while communicating remotely.

So, during the online chaos, Jason Bateman was accidentally or incorrectly announced as an Emmy winner… gosh, brutal!

Bateman was nominated for the category of Best Guest Actor for his performance on The Outsider. Unfortunately, the narrator announced his name for the winner while Ron Cephas was actually the winner, according to the name displayed on the screen. 

Emmy cleared up their blunder by putting up a much-needed title card stating that they apologize for announcing an incorrect winnder and that the issue is being fixed and don’t go away please.

It might have been harsh for Bateman (and awkward for whoever the faceless announcer was), one actual fire and an accidental winner- what more disastrous one could expect from a night that is dependent on so many gears.

Updated September 24, 2020
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