The Ugly Truth of The Vampire Diaries Stars, Cast and Celebrities!

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  • POSTED ON: November 23, 2020

Dear Dairy, it’s hard
to imagine that Vampire Diaries ended three years ago. We’ve been filled with a
void ever since. Bring it back, please?

Do you believe that, what
was originally written-off as a TV version of Twilight, went on to have 8
successful seasons? The show continues to thrive, all thanks to its cult
following – which is honestly losing its mind now because if you haven’t seen
how Michael Malarkey and some other actors get attacked on social media by
die-hard fans then you need to check it now.

Up until last night,
people were literally dragging Malarkey as they believed “Bamon” was end game.
It’s been three years since the show ended (just bringing it to your attention again).

The series prominently
blended epic romances and supernatural presence in a small town without making
it petty and unreasonable (Riverdale should take notes!). It wouldn’t be wrong
to suggest that the show single-handedly redefined the young network.

It was, of course,
adapted from the series written by L.J. Smith and the creators of Dawson Creek,
Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec were shouldering it. Over the eight years of
its running period, the show went through many ups and downs.

Like, the show became a
Julie Plec playground once Kevin left. The Vampire Diaries cast and casting received immense hatred and
negativity in the beginning because of several reasons which we’ll discuss
later. And also, the comparison with Twilight was loud and people called it its

Just look at the
premise: A teenage girl falls irrevocably in love with a vampire and there’s a
third guy in the picture (who is also a supernatural being). Sounds similar?
Thought so!

But as luck and fate
would have it, the show became a massive hit and lasted eight successful
seasons, and it launched not one but two highly anticipated spinoffs!

Anyway, since we’ve
idolized this show for so many years, we decided that we should run a trivia or
just discuss some unknown facts about the cast and behind the scene happenings!

Failed Her First Audition

Yes, you heard that
right! Nina Dobrev failed to make a lasting impression in her first audition.
She, in fact, had to reach out through a bunch of agents and casting directors,
and address that she’d like to try again as she wasn’t well the first time.

This wasn’t it! She
even videotaped herself and sent it to the makers which eventually ended up
being the winner! That was actually it – there was no going back after that
point onwards. 

Today, nobody can
imagine playing the wide range of Vampire Diaries characters that she played on the show, and
effortlessly so! In her six-season journey, she portrayed the character of
Elena (and many shades of her, if you know what we mean), Amalia, Katherine,
and Tatia!

and Nina Didn’t Get Along

Okay this is a big one,
and nobody saw it coming: Nina and Paul didn’t get along in the first few
months of shooting even though they were playing lovers on screen! And we’re
not just saying this because we like spreading rumors; Nina has admitted to
this fact. She said that she respected him in the first five months but she
never liked him.

In fact, the feeling
was somewhat mutual. She recollected one of the stories from the sets and
shared that people on set would assume that they were dating because the
chemistry was so good. But she clarified that at the time, there were only cold
vibes and no love.

Obviously, today both
of them are good friends and they’ve put aside their initial impressions and
minor differences. In fact, she has also admitted that out of the lot, he’s the
one she hangs out with the most. She also says that both of them have evolved
as human beings and that they share a good laugh every time they’re in each
other’s company.

Davis Is A Trump-Supporter!

We’re going to hit you
with a wrecking ball of disappointment, and you have Mathew Davis to take the
blame for it! Well, the truth always comes out, right? The actor who portrayed
the role of noble Alarc is not so novel and nice in real life. His beliefs and
understanding are highly disgraceful and questionable. You might even hate him
because such people are despicable and not worthy of second chances.

Okay, okay, no more
running around the bush – Mathew Davis is a die-hard Donald Trump advocate. His
true colors became public this year and possibly gave fans a reason to stop
watching the series entirely.

There was also a
#MathewDavisIsOverParty on Twitter, which is basically an official declaration
by netizens that a celebrity is on their shit list.

He has time and again
posted racist and xenophobic comments on his social media website. He has
shocked the fans by putting up headers on Twitter that are frankly appalling.
Like, one of them read BOYCOTT CHINA and has a cartoon caricature of COVID-19

As you know, these
famous words were uttered out of the garbage mouth of Donald Trump who
attempted to shove the blame of his inadequacies on China. The next picture on Davis’s
header had a Grim Reaper along with a Chinese flag on him. The picture showed
him knocking on a door that said World.

When fans took notice
of it, they demanded an explanation because they obviously didn’t want to
believe that he could have such atrocious beliefs. He simply tweeted that in over hundred years, only China is responsible for the pandemic.

Yeah, blame China
because we can’t seem to look at our shortcomings and acknowledge that we’re
stupid enough to not wear a damned mask! 

Soon, Kaylee Bryant
(his co-star on Legacies) posted a tweet sharing that her dad
is Asian and mom is White. Her mother contracted the virus earlier this year but her dad has
been fine. She then clarified that unlike other people, she’s not racist – an
indirect remark on Davis’s insensitive comment.

She then urged her fans
to be kind and abolish the “Chinese Virus” term coined by the then racist
president. She added another tweet, asserting that the term is simply

In October, Mathew had another
unpleasant interaction with one of his co-stars, Paul Wesley! His
back-and-forth argument with Wesley got increasingly frustrating. This is what
he had to sum it up:

The hate I’ve been receiving for well over a
year now has crossed a line I can no longer ignore.”

Apparently he’s a
social libertarian. Hence, according to him, he doesn’t give a f–k about what people
do in their private time. As long as they don’t hurt others, it’s their life.
And as for him, he’s also a free market fiscal conservative who wants more
restrained spending from our government. He then “clarified” that he’s not
racist, xenophobic, transphobic, or a White supremacist (sure, we believe you… NOT).

He then made the claim
that his friends would agree that this is a vile and slanderous description and
give a testament to his solid character.

Obviously, his big
claims and support for Donald Trump make no sense at all. So he tried to
explain it in one of his tweets. He tweeted:
“I support this admin as a repudiation of the malignant Left’s embrace of
Marxist ideology which currently manifests as Mob Cancel Culture.”

Man, he’s annoying!

Anyway, which one of
the aforementioned facts are you finding hard to believe? Our bet is on Mathew
Davis, who was a closeted Republican throughout the TVD years. 

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Updated November 23, 2020
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