This Cute Little Reunion Between a Man and His Pet Donkey Will Leave you in Tears

  • AUTHOR: isbah
  • POSTED ON: May 21, 2020

We know you’re disappointed with the whole coronavirus situation. On top of that, you also have to hear how capitalism is messing jobs and our economy in general. However, there is still some humanity present and cute little gestures from all around the world really work as medicine sometimes.
A Spanish video of a man talking to his donkey has gone viral on the Internet.

Quarantine is making us miss our loved ones and here, you will see a genuine connection between two living beings and how the man’s voice trembles when he asks his donkey “Que Pasa?” which means “What’s up” in Spanish.

Spanish radio station Cope reported that the man’s name is Ismael Fernandez and he resides in Malaga, Spain. Since the lockdown, he was unable to visit his pet donkey and his first move after two whole months of social isolation was to travel across the region to meet Baldomera, his donkey.

The tears, the emotions, the response- everything is so overwhelming especially when the little donkey returns the love by braying.

Watch the full video here:

Updated May 21, 2020
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