This Woman’s Thong Almost Killed Her!

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  • POSTED ON: October 29, 2020

Today, we have a
bizarre story to tell you guys.

This woman called
Hillary basically was sent to the emergency room because of her thong – yes,
you heard that right – Woman thong!

Source: Favim

Hillary’s butt was
hurting for a couple of weeks so she asked her mother to examine her behind. When
her mother didn’t find anything serious, Hillary decided to go to the ER. And
when she reached the hospital, the doctor informed her that she had an abscess
on her rump. The doctor then had to perform a serious routine where he
literally squeezed the pus which her thong had caused.

But, you must be
wondering how this is possible. How can a cut from a thong cause so much pain?
Well, when you look at it from a medical standpoint, it makes sense: she ignored
the abscess – that had the potential to poison her blood! Hillary was lucky
that her mom forced her to go to the ER otherwise things could have gotten worse.

Hillary then made a
TikTok story video to inform people. She urged them to go see a doctor in case the
experience strange symptoms that have no apparently reasonable explanation whatsoever.

image credit: Buzzfeed

Where did the pain
actually come from? Well, she revealed that the thong was too tight on her and
she used to pull it incredibly hard and high. When she was wearing them, she
said that she felt a little pinch but the pain was gone almost immediately. She
had forgotten this particular moment but remembered it when the doctor asked
her and gave signs.

type of cyst/abscess is common, but people don’t talk about it because they
think it’s ‘gross.’ If you read the comments [in my video], the amount of
people who can relate is INSANE. I did not expect that at all. I’ve also gotten
tons of messages (from mostly girls) thanking me for sharing my story, and even
women saying they set up a doctor’s appointment to get checked out.”

– She said.

Dr. Lincoln is a
specialist and she explains the problem precisely: “Abscesses in the groin and anorectal area are not uncommon and
can happen randomly to people who are more prone to infections. As for causing
abscesses in the anorectal area, it could theoretically cause a small cut in
the skin from friction, which can then get infected. So if you do want to wear
one, opt for a loose-fitting, soft cotton version. This may be better than
synthetic fibers that can be more irritating to the skin, potentially more
abrasive, or more likely to trap moisture and bacteria.”

Anyway, Hillary now
says that you shouldn’t wear thongs too tight. She said that, in her case, it
was more about the tightness and less about the material.

As far as the recovery
process goes, she told us what Dr. Lincoln told her including precaution.

Hillary describes here is an incision and drainage. That means the abscess (aka
a pocket of pus) was numbed, incised with a scalpel, and then drained. They
then likely washed it out and packed the area with gauze, which will need to be
changed frequently to help promote healthy healing of the drained area.
Recovery depends on the depth and size of the abscess, but many of these heal
without complication.”

The whole experience
was rather ridiculous for Hillary but equally insightful. She said that women
should not be embarrassed about such topics and must discuss
them openly, as they can save someone’s life. And oh, she reminded us that
mothers are always right!


Updated October 29, 2020
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