TikTok Has Spoken! TikTok Is Obsessed With the Inauguration Looks of Biden’s Grandchildren

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  • POSTED ON: January 23, 2021

How did you spend the
entire day? From the swearing-in ceremonies and the celebratory performances,
you might have gotten a bit tired, right?

We zoned out a couple of times, too,
but every time we did go to back to our vortex of ponies and fairytales, we
were brought back to life by dazzling outfits that our eyes caught on TV. 

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Whether it was Kamala Harris’s gorgeous purple outfit or Lady Gaga’s tribute to the Hunger Games, even
Bernie’s mittens knit by a Vermont schoolteacher, it was all a sight to behold.
It felt like we were watching the political version of the Grammys.

The internet was
speechless when Michelle Obama made her entrance hand-in-hand with Barack Obama
– she was a sight to marvel in purple, truly royal!  We also marveled at Jennifer Lopez when she
came in an all-white outfit – Chanel from top to bottom.

But look, there was
another group of people who apparently stole the limelight at the inauguration:
the Biden family.

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And some TikTok users
are not so happy about it, because they feel that the grandchildren of Biden
are “straight-up elite”.

TikTok user Jessica
Morton thought that the President’s kin were undeserving of the flex of coats.
She flashed the video first at Joe Biden’s children Hunter and Ashley Biden,
but then reverted the video to show his grandchildren Naomi, Finnegan, Maisy,
Natalie, and Hunter Jr.

Another TikTok user
Jett Wlliams used “Baby I Got Your Money” while making a video of Maisy in a
purple Jordan 1s – a trendy all-block look. The caption of the video said: “Y’all lookin at Natalie, but Maisy came

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The same song was used
by TikToker essiehuh, who referred to the Biden family’s fashion as “immaculate”
and then went on to show a photo montage of Maisy’s ensemble. She also showed
the outfit of Natalie, who was wearing a bubblegum pink coat by Lafayette 148
New York.

The montage also included Finnegan, who opted for a camel look from
Brandon Maxwell. The eldest of Biden’s grandchildren choose an all-white Adam
Lippes outfit.

And you know what? The
sly praises didn’t stop coming after the sun went down. But the ensemble looked
like the cast of Billionaire, the TV show. They all looked glorious in high-end
fashion and trendy makeup.

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In the night, Natalie
and Finnegan chose sequin corset dresses by Markarian, which is an Alexandra
O’Neill’s New York based label.

The same label also designed the magnificent
blue look she adorned earlier in the day time. Maisy, on the other hand, chose
a Jordans 1s – a pink-and-white dress by Rodarte.

But there’s still
debate on whether or not the pink coat-and-mask which Natalie wore was better
or was it Maisy’s sneaker game?

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Biden’s daughter won everyone’s praises on
TikTok with her evening look; her selection of coats is undeniably extraordinary.

One of the TikTok users
chimed in saying that “They’re style

The Inauguration Day
was certainly eventful and a day for fashion legends. Let’s take a look at some
of our favorite TikTok videos describing the event and its
oh-so-glamorous looks!

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We can all safely admit
that Biden grandchildren rocked Biden’s Inauguration Day. Are you as obsessed
with the looks of the family at the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden
as we are? Do let us know!



Updated January 23, 2021
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