Tom Hanks Is Not Having a Gala Time Quarantined

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  • POSTED ON: March 13, 2020

Source: Mirror

Dear Doctors, Scientists, and Governments.


We can’t let down Forrest Gump.

His Fans.

Let’s cut straight to the chase. The picture that’s been circulating the internet for the past couple of hours is photoshopped.

Please, stop spreading it as it’s giving out a wrong message!

Betoota Advocate, a satirical website, has posted a picture online in which Tom Hanks is holding a Cast Away-inspired volleyball. Despite being a joke, it’s untimely as it sends out the wrong message. Because of this image, people are assuming that Tom Hanks is having a gala time quarantined when, in reality, it’s actually a scary and depressing situation to be in. Thus, putting up a photoshopped picture online at this time for some retweets is irresponsible.   

Source: Buzzfeed News

The photo was shared with a link that says “the thoughtful and overworked staff at the Gold Coast hospital have brought Hanks in a Wilson volleyball to keep him company for the duration of his stay.”

The original image is taken from footage during a 2015 Rangers Game.

Now assuming that it’s true, many people shared it on their social media accounts. This aided in spreading false information, which is risky during this time. Since coronavirus has sparked the term of pandemic, people need to be vigilant when they share news related to it.

Tom Hanks had announced that he and his wife tested positive for coronavirus this past Wednesday. Ever since he made the announcement, the entertainment world has entered a frantic mode. While everybody sent Hanks well-wishes and prayers through social media, people seem to be upset about government failure in making any progress in controlling the damage. They’re angry as the virus keeps getting stronger and people with weak immune systems continue to lose lives. And they’re afraid that their most favorite actor in the world – Tom Hanks, might join the ranks.

Now before we jump to conclusions – and in this case, it’s incredibly insensitive, we must understand the reality, something we’re failing to grapple with effectively.

Indeed, the question is; is coronavirus dangerous? Yes.

Is it really lethal? Not really.

Yes, thousands of people have lost their lives, a lot many are quarantined for weeks, doctors have succumbed under pressure and scientists are lagging in finding the cure, however, if you take precautions and cut down social engagement; you can reduce the chances of acquiring coronavirus.

Hence, it’s essential to be aware of what you’re promoting on social media as you can’t afford to spread misinformation at this point. Italy, China, and Japan are on full lockdown. Korea is taking extreme measures to avoid the spread of coronavirus. And America is acting lazy because our president is Donald Trump.

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Thus, it is our social responsibility to be super aware of what we say and what we joke about.

People enjoy making dark jokes! Good for them, but coronavirus is not anyone’s source material for it. At least, not now. You don’t want to offend the ones suffering.

Updated March 13, 2020
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