Top 10 Suspense Movies on Netflix to Watch with Family

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  • POSTED ON: October 1, 2020

The movie-going
experience has changed entirely due to the ongoing pandemic but it hasn’t
changed our love for the movies. Families can still spend time together in
front of a screen from the comfort of their home.

If you’re wondering
how then we recommend you a plan: Have a movie marathon of the following
movies with your family.

it a challenge!


Source: The Spectator 

Let’s kick off the list
by sharing a gem from the past – Psycho! Loosely-inspired by real-life
incidences, Psycho is a movie about a woman who steals money from her employer,
and after a series of events, her boyfriend and sister begin the search for
her, only to find her at Bates Motel. You’ll find yourself shrieking at various
points in the film, so keep your family close while giving it a watch on


Source: GameSpot 

Dan Stevens—who you may
remember from Legion and Beauty and the Beast— is the main star of this movie!
Here he essays the role of a prodigal whose sister has been held for ransom by
a religious cult. Let’s just say that this movie is an enthralling watch! It
consumes you without questioning your intelligence for even a moment.


Source: letterboxd

A movie about suspense
and thriller movies will not be complete without mentioning Jake Gyllenhaal at
least once or twice. The first movie of his that you must watch at any cost is
Nightcrawler! This is a brilliant story of a sociopathic man who just wants a
job – no matter what it demands. He’s willing to push every boundary and
surpass the ethical and moral compass to keep his business afloat. The
performances are definitely remarkable! 

The Last Thing He Wanted

Source: Daily Times 

If you’re tired of
watching Anne Hathaway in romantic comedies, this will be a treat for you!
Hathaway effortlessly pulls off the role of a reporter who aids her father in
breaking arm deals. It’s interesting to see how she becomes part of the story
she was covering. The movie also has Ben Affleck, taking a much-needed break
from the Batman series.

Velvet Buzzsaw

Source: Insider

Like we mentioned
earlier, Gyllenhaal makes an appearance again! But hey, Velvet Buzzsaw is
actually an interesting pop-up on this list because its reviews were quite
divided. Either people understood the subtle references in the movie or they
completely blotted out. So make sure you’re well-slept and filled with caffeine
before giving this one a watch.


Source: Refinery29

The famous Sam
Worthington of The Avatar is playing the role of a devoted family man in this
movie. The premise of the film is simple, but it’s the way it is portrayed that
keeps you captivated.  A common man loses
his wife and daughter in a hospital after which he becomes convinced that
something’s wrong with the hospital.

Bird Box

Source: IndieWire 

Instead of Speed, we
decided to go with Bird Box for this list because it was one of the most
interesting plotlines to emerge in the last couple of years. The performance by
Sandra Bullock was, of course, power-packed!

Uncut Gems

Source: CNN

If you thought that
Adam Sandler was an unfunny ridiculous man who keeps playing the same role
throughout his career, this movie will change your mind. In this movie, he
plays a charismatic man who makes a decision that impacts his entire family.
Sandler won the Best Male Actor award at the Independent Spirit Award for his
phenomenal portrayal of a desperate man.

The Perfection

Source: The New York Times 

If you thought women
weren’t capable of pulling off sinister doings, this move will challenge that
stereotype. The Perfection is eerie-like and seriously disturbing – all thanks
to the stunning performance of the lead actress Allison Williams. Don’t miss

The Firm

Source: Pinterest 

Now you must be
wondering what Tom Cruise is doing in this category? Don’t underestimate this
man is all we’re going to say. This Mr. Nice Guy is actually capable of playing
sophisticated but corrupt parts with equal conviction as his contemporaries
Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. It’s available on Netflix and you must give it a watch.

If you’ve already seen
a movie on this list, let us know your feedback! 

Updated October 1, 2020
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